How To Use the Green Screen on Kinemaster? (Complete Guide)

Do you want to make your videos a feast for the viewer’s eyes? It sounds tricky. Right? but it is way too easy at the same time! The details below highlight the use of the chroma key in Green Kinemaster APK that will boost the engagement level of your content. Read the details carefully and enjoy making your content a fabulous one!

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How To Use the Green Screen on Kinemaster

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Why is the Chroma Key Important in Kinemaster? 

Go through the details below to learn why the chroma key is essential in kinemaster!

  • Giving a Professional Look: Giving a professional look to your videos is no longer a problem since the chroma key enables the content creators to give their videos a professional background that can help them to make their videos appealing to viewers and serve as an eye feast.
  • Ease for People: A Chroma key is essential for people who do not have the facility to create a background for their videos so with the help of the Chroma key they can adjust any background of their own choice and adjust it accordingly.
  • Reduce the Time and Cost: Chroma key saves time and cost both as the creators are not required to spend time shooting in different locations, they can simply create diverse settings in the kinemaster.
  • Makes Storytelling Most Interesting: Chroma key in kinemaster makes the storytelling process more interesting as the viewers are transferred to various settings, and scenes through the catchy background that makes them engrossed and adds visual attractiveness to the story.
  • Increases Engagement: The Chroma key allows the creation of content that increases the engagement of the viewers in the case of brands they set up engaging backgrounds through the Chroma key in Kinemaster Pro APK which as a result, makes their videos stand out from the rest of the others.
  • Makes the Educational Concepts Easy: From the educational perspective, the Chroma key in Kinemaster Diamond APK is used to create such lectures that would help the students to understand complex ideas.

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Why is the Chroma Key Important in Kinemaster

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How to Use the Chroma Key in Kinemaster?

Below are the ways explained in detail to use the green screen or chroma key in kinemaster, go through each carefully to learn more!

  • Open the Application: The first step is to open the Kinemaster MOD APK on your mobile device.
  • Import the Media: The second step after opening the application is to import the video clip or specific image with the background of the green screen and along with it also import the background of your choice that you wish to overlay.
  • Open it on the Timeline: Bring both imported media to the timeline display. You have to make sure to bring the green screen background right on the timeline and adjust the main content right above it.
  • Click on Layers Option: On the right side is an option for layers, tap on it to view the option of media. If you have already imported the clip with a green background then do not select the media option just directly click on the clip on the timeline if not, bring it on the timeline through the media option. In the layers option, you will view the Chroma key.
  • Select the Chroma Key: You will view the Chroma key with other options simultaneously, click on the Chroma key and the settings page will appear in front of you.
  • Adjust the Setting: The settings options of the chroma key will include key color, enable, detail curve, and show mask. Select the key color green, press on the enable option adjust the threshold, and blend sliders for the best outcomes.
  • Preview the Project: Play the project and see if your desired background is adjusted perfectly with your main clip. If not then, adjust the chroma key settings again and repeat until you are not satisfied.
  • Save the Project: Check whether the green screen effect looks according to your expectations, once you are satisfied click on the export option in the KineMaster Prime APK and view the project in your camera roll.
How to Use the Chroma Key in Kinemaster

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Final Verdict

The details mentioned above depict a complete scenario of how to use the chroma key in a Black Kinemaster. If you are not aware of it just give them a read, do not miss out on any step, and apply it on your shoots to make your content a blast.

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