How To Freeze Frame in Kinemaster? (Complete Information)

Are you looking for ways to emphasize the special moments in your clip or to highlight a particular point? If yes then, this detailed description will guide you toward the ways to freeze the frame to make the most of this application Kinemaster Pro APK! Enjoy making your content more mesmerizing, and interesting, follow each detailed step, and proceed with the process. You will be stunned by the results generated by following the process.

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How To Freeze Frame in Kinemaster

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Why Freezing Frame in Kinemaster is important?

Freezing frame in Kinemaster is important for the following reasons:

  • To Make a Moment More Emphasized: In Green Kinemaster APK, the freezing frame is important because it allows the users to highlight the main moment of the clip so that the one who is viewing your clip can get a deeper insight into the moment and focus more on it.
  • To Create a Suspenseful Effect: Freezing frames especially at the most critical moments can generate suspense in the viewers keeping them engrossed and eager to view the next moment.
  • To Highlight Important Information: Sometimes the creator wants their viewers to focus on the main text just like in presentations so they freeze the frame allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the highlighted information and get to know more about it.
  • Making the Video More Appealing: A sudden frame freeze can make the video more appealing to the viewers especially when it gets frozen at the moment they want to catch sight of, so it’s important to freeze frames to make the content more interesting.
  • Creation of Tutorials: In tutorials, the freezing frame serves as a guide to move along with important steps and follow them effectively.
  • To Manage the Pace: A freezing frame is important as it allows you to maintain the pace of your clip, especially its tempo and speed. Also, download Black Kinemaster for dark template.
Why Freezing Frame in Kinemaster is important

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Ways to Freeze the Frame

Following are the ways to freeze frame in Kinemaster: 

  • Select the Video: Open the Kinemaster MOD APK application and select the desired video from the camera roll in which you want to freeze the frame.
  • Identify the Clip and Select the Cut Tool: First, we have to check or identify which frame we have to freeze, after identification click on the desired frame and select the cut tool icon displayed on the right side, after selecting it, you will view the 4 options for different tasks.
  • Click on “Split and Insert Freeze Frame: One of the options displayed on the right side is split and insert freeze frame, click on that option which will automatically split the clip.
  • Increase the Duration: To make the clip last longer, increase its time to make it shorter or longer accordingly by dragging its edges, it will probably create a freeze frame. You can also change the size of it.
  • Add Text and Effects: There is an option to add text of your choice to the freeze frame and for that tap on the “layers” and click on text, change its size and font type Moreover, there are several effects available in the application that can give an appealing look to the freeze frame. Select the desired effect and add it to your frozen frame.
  • Add Audio: if you wish to add specific audio to your frozen frame it’s easy to do just click on the media browser and select the audio, add it to your frozen frame, and give your clip a wonderful pleasing effect
  • Give it a Check: At the end, play the clip to check that the freeze frame looks either as you want it or not, check the clip till the last to view its speed, effects, and everything until you meet your desired expectations.
  • Save it to Camera Roll: At the end, if you are satisfied, save the clip in your camera roll by clicking on the save option in the Kinemaster Prime.

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Freeze Frame in Kinemaster

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Final Verdict

The following details provide a detailed insight into how to freeze the frame in the Kinemaster Diamond MOD APK, you will get to know about every single step needed to get the process of freezing the frame done. The process starts with selecting the desired video and importing it into the Kinemaster. After that, click on the cut tool and select the insert freeze frame option. You can proceed with it by adding text, effects, and audio to your frozen frame to make it more appealing to the viewers. The process is quite simple and brings wonders to your clip, as you don’t need to worry about highlighting and building suspense anymore about it.

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