How To Add Text in Kinemaster? (Complete Information)

Do you want to make your viewers engrossed in your content? If yes then, the descriptions below will serve the purpose of ways to add text in the Kinemaster Pro APK to enhance the understanding of the viewers and amaze them through the stylish fonts and animations. Follow the steps stated below one by one, you will be astonished by the results!

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How To Add Text in Kinemaster

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Importance of Adding Text in Kinemaster

  • To Inform or Communicate: Adding text in the video or image can allow you to inform something related to your work to the viewers and allow them to comprehend the written aspects without sound. Moreover, it adds to the understanding of the work.
  • To Make Engaging Content: The stylish fonts and animation can give an appealing look to the content resulting in the engrossed attention of the viewers.
  • Help in Giving Instructions: Adding text in your clips or images plays a crucial role in giving step-by-step instructions to the viewers which allows them to follow the steps accordingly in a sequenced manner.
  • Accessibility: Text in Kinemaster MOD APK is a helping stuff for those people who lack hearing ability. They can easily see the image and clip and understand without putting in the effort.
  • Branding: A stylish text in your video or image with various animations and fonts can help you to identify your brand and help increase your sales.

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Importance of Adding Text in Kinemaster

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Ways to Add Text in Kinemaster 

  • Open the Application: The first step is to open the Kinemaster Prime APK application on your phone.
  • Click on Media: On the left side there will be an option for media, click on that option and you will view the icon of videos or images on the right side.
  • Select the Image or Video: Select whether you want to add the text in the video clip or image, if you are adding the text in the image select it from the “image assets” or the “all” option, and if you are adding the text in video clip choose from “all” or “video assets”.
  • Tap on the “Layer” Option: After selecting the image or video, tap on the layers icon displayed on the right side, you will view the “text” option there.
  • Choose the Text Option: Once you have selected the text option, it’s time to enter the text, type whatever you want to add in the text box that appears on the screen.
  • Choose the Font and Color: There are several font styles and colors available, choose any of them and give your text a notable look. Moreover, you can also make your desired color and give it to your text by mixing two colors just by adjusting its opacity.
  • Add Animations: There are options available for the animation of text i.e. In animation, out animation, and overall animations that serve for the exit, entrance, and motion of text. Select whatever suits your interest to give a distinct look to the text’s appearance.
  • Give Outline: You can give an outline to the text of your choice additionally, there are various options for shadow and the glow of the text.
  • Give Position to the Text: Drag the text on the location wherever you want it to be just by clicking on it.
  • Set the Duration: You can set the duration of the text depending on how long you want the text to appear in the clip. This can be done by dragging the edges of the clip.
  • Check your Project: Before finalizing the project make sure to check it once and see whether the text has appeared, as you want it to be or not, if you feel any changes are required then do it by repeating the same process.
Ways to Add Text in Kinemaster 

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Final Verdict

The above details provide a step-by-step method to add text in the Green Kinemaster that is the gateway to make your content more engaging and visually appealing. The process starts with selecting the image or clip in which you want to add text, after selecting the media option and tapping on the text to add your desired text in the box that appears on the screen, you can also add various animations, font styles and shadows to your text. The steps are very easy and can be followed without any problem so don’t worry about making your content informative or engaging because the easy solution is there for you above.

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