How To Add Effects in Kinemaster? (Complete Guide)

Do you want to give your project a creative touch by giving it an appealing look? If yes then, follow us! Below are the step-by-step details to add effects in the Kinemaster that will make your content stand out. If you follow these instructions, you will undoubtedly be impressed with the outcome. So let’s read the details carefully to carry on with the process!

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How To Add Effects in Kinemaster

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Why are the Effects important in Kinemaster?

Below are some detailed descriptions regarding the importance of effects in Kinemaster, give them a read!

  • Increases Creativity: It allows you to show your creativity by applying various effects to your clip or image, giving your content an outstanding look. Moreover, unique effects in your project help you to make your content stand out from the rest of the others.
  • To Increase the Interest Level: The wide variety of effects in kinemaster caters to the viewer’s interest as a project well-designed with special effects makes the content more catchy and interesting.
  • Helps in Storytelling: Effects are important in KineMaster Pro APK in such a way that they promote smooth transition between various scenes which is extremely important in storytelling for making the viewers understand the emotions and narration.
  • Covers overall Genres: A wide variety of effects in Kinemaster covers the overall genres that include various styles and themes to show a particular scene such as analog effects purposefully designed for a vintage vibe.
  • Helps in Creating Professional Edits: Effects in Kinemaster Prime APK can allow the creator to make high-quality content by adjusting the color grading effects, audio effects, and stabilization effects.
Effects in Kinemaster

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How to add Effects in Kinemaster?

The details below will instruct you regarding the ways to add effects in Kinemaster, go through them to learn more!

  • Open the Application: The first and foremost step is to open the Green KineMaster application on your mobile device.
  • Tap on the + Icon: The plus icon along with creating a new project is displayed in the orange box, tap on it to start proceeding with a new project or continue with a previous one.
  • Select and Import: Select any image or clip from the media browser in which you want to add effects and import it to get that image or clip on the timeline.
  • Select the Layers Option: After successfully importing the image or clip, there will be an option of layers displayed on the left side. Tap on it to view further options.
  • Look for Effects: One of the options in layers is effects, tap on it to view various effects available.
  • Choose the Effect: A list of effects will appear, apply any effect from them that suits your interest. Moreover, there are sound effects and transition effects present too. You can choose from them to give an appealing look to your project.
  • Download Effects: In the effects gallery, look for the option of the shopping store icon displayed on the left corner, choose it, and view the number of different effects, select any effect that you like and click on the download button it will be downloaded immediately.
  • Tap on the Apply Button: Once the filter is downloaded, tap on the Apply button to have your desired effect on the clip or image.
  • Adjust the Duration of Effects: The effects need settings such as their intensity, style, or duration, adjust it as per your interest.
  • Preview Effect: Tap on the play button to see how the effect looks on your image or clip.
  • Review your Project: Review your whole project from start to end, and see if it requires any changes or if it is as perfect as you want it.
  • Save it: The final step is to import your project after you are satisfied, click on the import button in the KineMaster Diamond MOD APK and view it in your gallery.
Adding Effects in Kinemaster

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Categories of Effects

Several effects in KineMaster MOD APK can give a wonderful touch to your project. Some of them are categorized as:

  • Artistic effects
  • Blur effects
  • Color effects
  • Distortion effects
  • Glitch effects
  • Lens effects
  • Mask effects
  • Noise effects
  • Transforms effect
  • Transition effect

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Final Verdict

The above-explained details provide a clear and easy procedure to add effects to your project in Black KineMaster. Follow these steps one by one, experiment with different effects, and make your project an eye feast for viewers.

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