How to Sell Players in Fifa Mobile? (Detailed Information)

Are you interested in knowing the method of selling a player in the Fifa Mobile MOD APK game? If yes then, we are here to provide you with complete guidance and a process that will surely help you in learning your desired task! Gamers sell their players in the Fifa mobile game for the purpose of earning more coins so that the team’s powers can be improved or they would be able to buy new players to strengthen the game. So, follow the below-explained steps one by one to get your task done with ease!

How to Sell Player in Fifa Mobile

Step 1: Open the Game

First of all, you are required to open or launch the Fifa Mobile APK game on your screen to proceed with the process of selling the players.

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Step 2: Open the Market

You will see the “Market” icon on the bottom left side of the game’s display screen on the menu bar which is usually represented as a stall or a selling corner to buy or sell the players in the game. Click on that option!

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Step 3: Search for the desired player

After That, type and search for the player you want to sell on the search bar. You can also use the filters to ease your searching process and easily find out the actual one. You can filter the players in terms of different leagues, expertise, skills, or qualities.

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Step 4: Click on the player you want to sell  

Then, you are required to select the player you want to sell. Right after clicking, a detailed description of that particular player will be displayed in front of you that describes the qualities, skills, and other facts about the player. 

Step 5: List the player on the market

Along with the description, you will have the option of “list the player” or “sell” right in front of the player’s name. Tap on that option to proceed with the further process. 

Step 6: Set the selling price

Now, you have to set the price of your seller for which you want to sell him in the market. It depends upon you if you want to keep the price fixed or go for the auction price and duration. 

  • Buy now price: Choosing this option would require you to keep the fixed price of the player. Interested gamers would have to pay the required amount without going into negotiation. 
  • Auction starting price: Going for this particular option would require you to keep the initial amount as a bid to go for auction. Buyers can also pay more than the asked amount based on their interest in the player. You can also set the bid duration such as 4 to 12 hours.

Step 7: Confirm the listing 

After sorting out all the essential things, now confirm listing your player in the market. Tapping on this option would make your seller officially listed in the market.

Step 8: Collecting coins from sold players

On the selling of each player, you will ultimately get coins in your wallet. You can easily claim your earnings by selecting the option “My Bids and Offers” on the screen and can check your account balance. 

Sell Your Players in Fifa Mobile Easily

Final Verdict 

The above article mainly focused on demonstrating the procedure to sell the players in the Fifa Mobile APK game. A detailed explanation followed by 8 steps is explained in the above discussion to help the gamers in selling the players in the Fifa mobile market. All they need to do is open a game and select the market option. After That, they need to search the name of a particular player they want to sell by using filters such as skills, qualities, leagues, etc. Select the player and see the detailed description of him. After that, list him in the market so that he would become available for the buyers to see. Set the price and wait for the buyers. When the player is sold out, coins are received in the wallet automatically.

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