How to Play Fifa Mobile APK on PC? (Complete Guide)

Does your attention get diverted while playing a soccer game on a mobile screen? Playing such an entertaining and engaging game should be fun with a bigger screen so that every single bit of it can be enjoyed to a great extent. Do not worry, let us make an easy yet exciting way for you! This piece of information aims to tell you about the process you can opt to play the Fifa Mobile APK game on PC. Let’s read more to know about the desired process!

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How to Play Fifa Mobile APK on PC

Bluestacks Emulator

Being a gamer, you must have heard of or have used emulators in the past. Emulators are known as the installers that are used to run games on PCs. To play Fifa Mobile MOD APK on a PC, you will need to download the famous emulator called Bluestack. Before installing the above-mentioned emulator on a PC, you need to consider the minimum requirements of downloading this on a PC such as the space it takes, viruses, security concerns, etc. 

Bluestacks Emulator

Bluestacks is a free Android emulator that is made with high-resolution graphics and extremely manageable controls committed to giving you an enhanced football-playing experience.

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Benefits of Using Bluestacks

  • One of the impressive benefits of using this emulator is the availability of customization features allowing the gamers to customize the game’s options and make it super user-friendly to play and enjoy.
  • Moreover, it also grants permission to gamers to take screenshots or record the whole gameplay so that they can watch their goals, tricks, and mistakes in previous matches.
  • Furthermore, it also features macro functionality that lets the gamers perform the same kick or shot without putting in the whole effort again. Besides this, it also works as a multitasker by giving access to multiple games together running on the same window at a single time.
  • Along with this, it is one of the fastest and lightest Android software that does not let the device hang.

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Minimum Requirements to Install Bluestacks

Your PC should meet the following requirements to run the Fifa Mobile APK game: 

  • A PC or RAM with at least 4 GB of storage is required to run it on a PC. 
  • OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit
  • GPU: GTX 660
  • CPU: i3-9320

What makes playing Fifa Mobile APK on PC so famous?

Several factors will differentiate the experience for you on playing this game on mobile vs PC. Let’s discuss the factors leading to a better experience!

  • More Gaming options: Players will see more available gaming options on the PC’s screen which makes them more engaged in the game.  
  • Enhanced Graphics: With the large screen, graphics used in the game also get enhanced and give clear visuals to the viewers. 
  • Advanced controls: Controls also become easy to manage and understand due to clear fonts and display on the PC’s big screen. 
  • Expansive Screen: When Fifa Mobile APK is played on the big screen it gives a complete view to the gamers of every single feature available to them. It enhances the gamer’s excitement while playing their favorite game.
What makes playing Fifa Mobile APK on PC so famous

Step by Step procedure to download the Bluestacks and play the Fifa Mobile APK on PC:

Pay attention to the guidelines and details below to know about the steps you need to take to download and play the Fifa Mobile APK game on PC!

Step 1: Download Bluestacks on your PC

You need to install the emulator Bluestacks on your PC so that playing Fifa mobile APK would be easy and convenient for you on a big screen. 

Step 2: Search for Fifa Mobile APK on the search bar available in the right corner of Bluestacks desk. 

You need to type the name of your desired game which is Fifa mobile APK and click on it to process further. 

Step 3: Sign-in to your Google account to download

You are required to sign in to your Google account so that installation of the game can take place. 

Step 4: Start playing the game

Now, click on the game and start playing your favorite soccer game. 

Final Verdict 

For football players who are in search of an easy yet user-friendly procedure to play the Fifa Mobile APK on PC, the above-discussed step will do wonders. They will find the Bluestack emulator an easy one because every single step is clearly explained so that maximum gamers can benefit from it. If you are also one of the soccer game lovers, then go for the Bluestack emulator and start enjoying your game on the big screens of PC.

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