How to Get Points in Fifa Mobile? (Complete Information)

Are you in search of some authentic ways to get FIFA points in the FIFA mobile game? If yes then, stop scrolling further because you have reached your desired informational platform! Here, you will not only get the answer to your question but also get a complete procedure to start earning FIFA points in this incredible gameplay.

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How to Get Points in Fifa Mobile

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Why do you need Fifa points?

Do you know why these points are essential to collect in a FIFA Mobile MOD APK game? They are essential because they help in improving the performance of players in different competitive tournaments and leagues. You can use these points as virtual in-game currency required for buying different expert players, football kits, extra health, energy, and many other bonuses. There are two main ways by which you can acquire FIFA points in the game. The first one is through buying them by paying real money or by earning them with your excellent performance. Below is a detailed description of methods that define the way of getting these points by using two methods:

  • Purchasing Fifa Points: The most frequent way to get these valuable FIFA points is to purchase them from in-game stores by paying real money from your pocket. For buying money, the following process will be considered:
  • Launch a Fifa Mobile game on your phone or PC.
  • Click on the in-game store or an option that indicates the buying store on the screen. 
  • Select the required quantity of Fifa points you want. 
  • Follow the payment steps and pay the money through the required payment method such as through a debit or credit card on Google Play Store or Apple Store. 
  • Accomplishing Daily Activities or Challenges: Another way to earn Fifa points is to complete daily activities and challenges offered by the Fifa mobile game so that you can get some points in the form of a reward. 
  • Be part of Tournaments and Competitions: You can also earn Fifa points by participating in different tournaments and competitions. Based on good performance, expert or pro footballers get Fifa points as a reward for their achievement. 
  • Leagues Contribution: being a gamer of the Fifa Mobile game, you can also benefit by becoming a member of leagues offered by this game. On contributing to the league’s goals and objections, you can get Fifa points as a reward. 
  • Achievements or Milestones: In Fifa Mobile games, good performers are always appreciated to boost their performance level and confidence. This game offers Fifa points to all the gamers who give their best or achieve every milestone assigned to them. 
  • Season Passes: The Fifa Mobile game also features an amazing event to engage the footballers which is the availability of season passes. To level up in these battle passes or season passes, good performers get Fifa points as a reward for them. You also need Fifa points to acquire these season passes but you get double of them in return if you accomplish your milestone. 
Free Points in Fifa Mobile

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Final Verdict 

This article is written to inform gamers about some different ways through which they can get Fifa points in Fifa mobile games. The most straightforward way is to directly purchase them from an in-game store by paying the real money from your pocket. Whereas, there are some other in-game methods as well by which Fifa points can be earned. First of all, you can acquire them by participating in daily activities or challenges. On accomplishing them, you may get rewarded with free FIFA points. Moreover, these points can also be earned through participating in different tournaments and by becoming a member of leagues. Fifa points are given to good performers who achieve their tasks and milestones by contributing to achieving the team’s goals and objectives. Furthermore, the reward of season passes also leads to getting FIFA points as appreciation.

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