How To Get Good Players in Fifa Mobile? (Completed Guide)

Are you curious to know the ways to get good players in your favorite soccer game? If yes then, you are welcome at your desired informational platform as it presents the information you are looking for. By reading this article, you will get to know all the possible ways that can be used to get good players in the FIFA Mobile MOD APK. So, head on to the details below to know more!

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How To Get Good Players in Fifa Mobile

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Why do we need good players in the Fifa Mobile game?

Getting good players in the Fifa mobile game is a difficult yet amazing step to consider. These players help in making the reputation of the team strong against the opponent team. A team composed of good and skilled players would ultimately lead to victory in each tournament, league, and lively match that is the reason gamers strive to get more and more good players in their teams. Let’s get on to the ways to acquire them!

Ways to get good players:

  • Packs Opening: Fifa Mobile game features some spectacular packs in the game such as gold packs, elite packs, or special event-related packs. These packs contain in-game coins and points which are used as virtual currencies in the game. Packs are open randomly and consist of different cards, ratings, and attributes. 
  • Market Trading: The Fifa Mobile game features an amazing marketplace where gamers can easily buy and sell the players. You can get top-rated players from the market by paying the amount or you can also invest in low-level players and make them good by training well. For this, you need to be intelligent enough to handle the market trades. 
  • Live Events and Challenges: This pro game comprises various live events and challenges that offer good players as a reward. So, keep exploring the event calendar of Fifa mobile games and participate in all those high-rated events that offer special players as appreciation rewards. 
  • VS Attack and head-to-head: Getting a high rank in VS attack and head-to-head competitions will give you a chance to earn amazing rewards that include player cards as well. You can get good players by participating in them. 
  • Campaign Mode: Participating or completing different campaign modes can help you reward good players, FIFA points, and coins. So keep striving to complete them and achieve your target to get rewards. 
  • Skill Games and Drill: Winning various skill games and different daily drills leads to getting motivational rewards that are mainly composed of skilled players with exceptional football expertise, coins, FIFA points, and many other valuable items of the Fifa mobile game. 
  • Special Events: The Fifa Mobile game often features various surprising events. You need to keep a check on all these competitions so that you can benefit from it. These events include team of the week, team of the season, and many more appreciation titles. 
  • Promotional Offers: The Fifa Mobile game frequently offers various promotional offers on which skilled players, FIFA points, and many other assets are offered at discounted prices. You can get good players in these promotional offers by keeping a proper eye on them. 
  • Daily and Weekly Objectives: In this game, daily and weekly objectives are allocated to gamers. On achievement of each objective, players are given awards in the form of good players. 
  • Leagues and Association Awards: Another impressive way to get good players is to participate in various leagues and associations that provide good players as an appreciation award. You can easily benefit from these additional events that will also give you completely amazing exposure. 
Good Players in Fifa Mobile

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Final Verdict 

The above-written article is all about the exceptional ways that you can get good players in the Fifa mobile game. Some of them include participating in various leagues and association awards. Accomplishing daily and weekly objectives also results in getting good players. Moreover, market trade options along with different campaign modes and promotional offers can also be utilized to acquire skilled players. Furthermore, pack openings and different skilled games will also lead to good players in this game.

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