How To Redeem Codes in Dragon City? (Complete Information)

Are you finding the procedure to redeem the codes in the Dragon City game? If yes then, we are bringing you a detailed guide of every essential step you need to take to redeem the code in the Dragon City game.

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How To Redeem Codes in Dragon City

Being a crazy lover of the Dragon City MOD APK game, you deserve to know every single exciting thing about this amazing game. Follow the below-explained steps to proceed with the process! You are going to be surprised by the amazing results you will get by redeeming codes and enjoying various benefits.

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What are dragon codes and Why do we need them in the Dragon City game? 

Dragon Codes are extremely important to get in Dragon City because they assist in collecting the virtual currency in the game and currency will let you buy or get all the desired resources by paying money from your pocket.

Dragon City Codes

Moreover, these codes are also essential for the protection of dragon eggs to stop them from cracking and hitching. These dragon eggs are stored for growing into big dragons so that they can fight against their rivals. Let’s know the step by step process of redemption of dragon codes!

  • Launch Dragon City: Get a good internet connection and connect it to your device. Open the Dragon City game on your device to proceed with redeeming codes. 
  • Find the Setting Icon: Now, you are required to look for the icon “settings” on the gaming platform. It must be located at the upper right or the upper left corner of the screen. It is usually displayed with the gear icon so that it would be easily visible to the gamers. Tap on this icon and open the game’s settings. 
  • Navigate to the Redeem Code Section: When you will open the game’s settings, you will find the option of “redeem codes”. This desired option is labeled with the name “redeem codes” or “enter codes”. Click on this option to proceed with the remaining process. 
  • Enter the Code: Right after clicking on redemption codes, a dialogue box or input field will automatically come in front of you on the screen. Paste the code on that box carefully. Make sure you do not miss the single character that may get you in any trouble. 
  • Confirm and Redeem: Now, click on the confirm button to ensure your right selection of code. Press on the redeem button for further process. If your typed code is valid and not expired, you will get a reward in your wallet for the Dragon City game. 
  • Collect Rewards: After the successful submission and redemption of codes, you are now free to enjoy your rewards. Collect them and enjoy endless fun while playing the Dragon City game. These rewards include gems, gold, dragons, and other valuable in-game assets.
Redeem Codes in Dragon City

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Final Verdict

The following article is all about the procedure for redeeming dragon codes in the Dragon City game. You will get the details of every single step you need to take to get their essential process done. The procedure starts with opening the Dragon City game on your device. After that, you need to click on the settings icon to go through the redemption process. 

Click on this desired option of “redeem codes” and automatically a dialogue box or input field will appear in front of you. Now, paste the code very carefully on that empty box and wait for the wonders to happen. Yes, you heard me right! You are almost near to your rewards. Confirm and redeem your codes and successfully collect your rewards. These rewards are more than enough to excite you as they contain gems, gold, coins, and a lot more. 

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