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April 18, 2024




Social Point


Android 6.0 and up


244 MB

Get ready to dive into a modified world of Dragon City and become the technical dragon master in the top-grossing Dragon City Mod Apk with 100s of unlocked assets including unlimited money, gems, and VIP one-hit stats. The game is an awesome role-play simulation that allows you to build, lead, and farm the dragon realm by stipulating the freedom-fledged breeding, feeding, fighting, and strategizing stats.

Dragon City MOD APK Information

NameDragon City MOD APK
Size244 MB
PublisherSocial Point
Supported ForAndroid Only
Android Requires6.0 and up
File Type.APK
Rating Value4.5 / 5
Rating Counts9152
Released OnJul 3, 2013
Price100% Free
Last UpdatedApril 18, 2024

A strategic dragon realm is there that offers high-rise freedom of mastering all the adventure from attacking the enemies to defending your city. An impressive range of unlimited mod features is offered to you that are all unlocked along with unlimited pro-hacks and cheats. Also, you get to enjoy floating islands creation and get to shape your creative skills. Likewise, the game is optimized, free, and safe and it can be easily downloaded from our website. So, download it and become a dragon master.

Dragon City MOD APK Cover

MOD Info

Enjoy the modified Dragon City simulation and become the dragon master with unlocked assets and following mod info stats.

  • Mod Menu
  • One Hit
  • PVE Mode
  • PVP Battles
  • Unlimited Money
  • Infinite Coins
  • Free Paid Items
  • All Dragons Unlocked
  • No ads

Dragon City MOD APK Overview

Do you want to step into the strategically modified Dragon City realm with all its technically boosted stats functional slots? If yes then the updated version of the Dragon City Hack is only for you. The game combines the strategy, role-play, action, adventure, and breeding elements to its single fun-play domains and allows you to enjoy a collaborative fun-hub on your Android smartphone screen with much evolved functional precision.

A soothing action realm awaits you with 100s of captivating events, compelling quests, and customizable multiplayer domains. You get to enjoy a unique battling system with an amazing range of new content in its evolved global community that is perfectly empowered to allocate the high-rise fun to you. The fun of breeding distinctive dragons to get a new one with collaborative specs is unmatchable. Also, training them for the upcoming fights, making shelters for them, and feeding them are all super-relaxing. We also recommend you to download spaceflight simulator mod apk.

Dragon City MOD APK Overview

Likewise, you get to enjoy conquering distinctive territories and the 100s of islands with your fire-breather army which is also fun-fetching. Along with this, an impressive realm is there that is magnified with amazing effects and colorful slots. Also, the game is played with full freedom and it is magnified with premium assets that are all unlocked. So, download it from the given link on our website and enjoy your time to the fullest. Now, you can also download simcity buildit mod apk for free.


Are you interested in building your dream dragon city with lots of mod features and premium assets unlocked? yes? Then give a try to the Dragon City Mobile Hack. It is an impressive game that offers soothing gameplay to you with its multi-dimensional gaming stats that are all fun-fetching. The gameplay of the Dragon City is freedom-fledged which enables you to enjoy versatile stats including collecting the dragons, breeding them, training for fights, and allocating them shelters.


A multi-dimensional gameplay appeal is there to relish you with all the tactical gameplay mechanics unlocked. Also, it is all unlocked in this fun game from the features to the functional assets. Likewise, the legendary stances are allocated to this simulator with 100s of impressive technicalities that are making its gameplay much more evolving and the following multi-dimensional stats are successfully contributing to it.

  • Collect Dragons
  • Fight Battles
  • Feed Dragons
  • Farm Food
  • Construct Building
  • Attack and Defend
  • Conquer Islands
  • Manage and Decorate Your Realm

Dragon City Modes

There is no need to get restricted to a single gaming mode in the mod version of the Dragon City rather you get an applauding range of the versatile modes that are all stated in this post. So, let’s also know about them.

  • Online Multiplayer Mode
  • Offline AI-Opponent Mode
  • Global Tournament Mode
  • PVP Battle Mode

Top 5 Dragon Species

You get to enjoy the mod version of the Dragon City with a high-rise range of dragons that are all distinctively specified as per the allocated specifications and traits. There are distinctively skilled and uniquely potentialized dragons that are worthy to be explored and we have stated the top 5 dragons in the below section along with the specified rank and HP. So, let’s know about them.

Destiny Dagon: one of the highly powerful and top-rated dragons of the Dragon City simulation with high damage, icy stat, and 37940 HP.

Snail Dragon: belongs to the top-rated dragons with flaming stats that come with over 20000 HP and bring a high-rise damage slot.

Big Fins Dragon: it is a hypnotically magnified dragon that contains supreme powers along with high damage and over 404644 HP.

Grass Dragon: it is a quantum-filed dragon with high damage and over 38084 HP that serves to bring real soothing and fun perfection with its quantified stats.

Ride Dragon: it is an electrically empowered dragon species with 11060 HP and an extended damage margin that is also fun-fetching and high-rated.

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Top 5 Dragon Species

Dragon City MOD Features

There are a lot of amazing mod features that the mod version of the Dragon City Mod Apk offers to you and allows you to get immersed into a fun-paced dragon realm with all its thrilling unlocked. The following incredible mod features are counted in it that are all worthy to be explored.

  • All Paid Items Unlocked
  • Infinite Food and Unlimited Everything
  • Unlimited Money and Gold
  • All Dragons Unlocked
  • Unlimited Gems and Coins
  • All Islands and Locations Unlocked
  • Max Levels and Bonus Levels Unlocked
  • One-Hit and Mod Menu
  • All Events and Quests Unlocked
  • No Ads and Bans

All Paid Items Unlocked

All Paid Items Unlocked

If you are tired of the hassling and slow-paced premium items unlocking mechanics and want to access some quickly-paced stats then give a try to the mod version of the Dragon City. You will enjoy unlocking all the paid items and that too in advance with zero hassle. We also recommend you to download car simulator 2 mod apk.

Infinite Food and Unlimited Everything

Infinite Food and Unlimited Everything

Enjoy stepping into your favorite strategy, action, battling, and dragon breeding realm unlimited everything, and feed your dragons with unlimited food. It is also a nice factor that is freely accessible with all premiums.

Unlimited Money and Gold

Unlimited Money and Gold

The latest version of the Dragon City offers you unlimited money and gold that is all unlocked with incredible refills and serves to add a high-rise precision to your in-game journey. It is one of the main currencies of the game that you get unlocked.

All Dragons Unlocked

All Dragons Unlocked

Get 100s of dragon species unlocked in this hacked simulation and enjoy breeding two or more dragons of distinctive traits to create one with combined specifications. With this, you get to enjoy a magnified precision in your in-game journey that is added with more power and freedom.

Unlimited Gems and Coins

Unlimited Gems and Coins

There is no need to wait for hours and struggle hard in the mini-games to earn gems and coins rather get it all done with unlimited gems and coins. It is something really amusing that serves to add precision to your in-game purchases and make them freedom-fledged.

All Islands and Locations Unlocked

All Islands and Locations Unlocked

Enjoy accessing all the inspiring localities and the thrilling islands unlocked in your favorite action-stipulated dragon hub and get fully relaxed from a non-restricted approach to all the premiums.

Max Levels and Bonus Levels Unlocked

Max Levels and Bonus Levels Unlocked

You don’t have to wait long to move from one level to another, rather you get all levels unlocked along with a super aesthetic max levels slot and magnified bonus level stats. It is also a demanded feature that allows you to step into any of the demanded levels with simple clicks.

One-Hit and Mod Menu

One-Hit and Mod Menu

Enjoy the supremely powerful one-hit stats that add a greater winning margin to your fights and serve to allocate high-end damage to your opponents. This feature is also a relaxing one along with an extended mod menu that offers unlimited resources and versatile VIP assets that allocate a higher winning margin to you.

All Events and Quests Unlocked

All Events and Quests Unlocked

There is also no struggle involved in unlocking the quests and events; rather you are offered to enjoy the incredible quests along with daily, weekly, and versatile other global events with all thrillers unlocked. It is also something really desirable that makes you amused.

No Ads and Bans

No Ads and Bans

One of the most appreciable features of this modded Android simulation is its ads-free gameplay. It makes your gaming journey fun-paced and adds a high-rise precision to it. Also, all the banning, loading, and lagging issues are fixed to make your journey fun-paced and smooth.

Dragon City 2024 APK Features

You are also offered access to an incredible range of the Apk features in the mod version of the Dragon City that are also super-relaxing and to help you get familiarized with them we have stated all in the below section. So, let’s also know about them.

  • Build Your Dragon Empire
  • Make Dragon Army
  • Train Dragons and Fight Enemies
  • PVP Multiplayer Arena
  • Inspiring Graphics and Attractive Visual Realm
  • Collect Dragons and Breed Them
  • Customize and Upgrade

Build Your Dragon Empire

To help you achieve your dream of building your own dragon empire, the 2024 version of the Dragon City offers you a freedom-fledged city-building slot. You get to build your city with all-unlocked assets and enjoy keeping your dragons in it.

Make Dragon Army

Make Dragon Army

Along with building the city, you also get to lead it with proper protection slots. For this, you are allowed to make your dragon army to keep your kingdom protected from exterior dangers which is also earthing highly soothing and impressive.

Train Dragons and Fight Enemies

Train Dragons and Fight Enemies

To deal with the upcoming dangers and to maintain the peace of your city, you are offered to train your dragons with some strategic hits so that you can enjoy standing as the top-rated victor. Also, you get to fight all the dangers in your city which is something highly engaging.

PVP Multiplayer Arena

PVP Multiplayer Arena

A super-relaxing PVP multiplayer arena is there to help you unleash your fighter skills that make you relaxed with its epic batting domains and enhanced multiplayer fighting stats. There are AI opponents along with the real players that serve to test and boost your fighter skills.

Inspiring Graphics and Attractive Visual Realm

Inspiring Graphics and Attractive Visual Realm

There is no match for the Dragon City hack when it comes to the visuals and graphical appeal. The game stands as the high-rise victor over all the other simulations in terms of its relishing effects that are diversified with HD details and 3D realm.

Collect Dragons and Breed Them

You are offered to showcase your creative skills not only in houses and city construction, but you are also offered to collect the distinctive dragon species and breed two or more species to create a combined one. For example, by breeding fire-breathers, icy, and electric dragons you get a new one with all of these stats.

Customize and Upgrade

Customize and Upgrade

Embrace a totally new epoch of dragonplay with the mod version and showcase all your designer skills with advanced customization slots of the game. you get to decorate your dragons and their habitats with awe-inspiring stats that get to decorate your dragon realm with superlative stats and advanced upgrades that are also remarkable.

What’s New

Along with the above-mentioned mod and Apk features, a highly incredible range of newly updated slots is also offered to you that is also worth exploring. To help you get it all done, we have stated all these newly added domains in this post, and the following are counted in it.

  • New content
  • Free to download
  • 100% safe
  • Optimized game
  • Non-interrupted hub
  • All-fixed
  • All-unlocked
  • VIP unlocked
  • Hacks and Cheats
  • Modded locations
  • Inspiring voiceovers
  • Ai-opponents
  • Real-players PVE mode
  • Upgrades available
  • Auto-updates

Original Vs. MOD Version

Are you anxious to know about the distinction between the original and the mod versions of Dragon City? If yes then we have something up to mark for you in the form of the below-mentioned table. In this table, we have stated all the distinguishing stats that are worthy to be explored and are as follows.

Original VersionMOD Version
Locked Dragon RealmUnlocked Dragon Realm
A few Dragons Unlocked   All Dragons Unlocked
Limited Money and GemsUnlimited Money and Gems
Slow Leveling-UpAll Levels Unlocked
Repetitive Events and Quests100s of New Events and Quests
Contains Ads     No Ads
Ordinary MenuMod Menu
No HacksOne-Hit Hacks

Android Requirements

Embrace the powerfully modded Dragon City Mod Apk on your Android smartphone with all its fun-stipulated action stats and get your favorite game on your smartphone screen with all its aesthetic vars unlocked by meeting some of the key Android requirements. We have stated them below to help you get it all done and the following are counted in it.

  • 244 MB free space
  • Enable unknown resources
  • Android 6.0 and up

How to Download the Dragon City MOD APK?

All that you need to download the mod version of the Dragon City Apk is very well-elaborated in this post that is to help you to successfully access this simulation with all its modified stats. There are a few professionally suggested steps that are included in it and we have stated them in an organized way to help you out. So, let’s explore all about them.

1. Allow unknown Resources

The first and foremost step involved in downloading the Dragon City Hack is to allow the “Unknown Resources”. For this go to the setting, get into the privacy option, and enable unknown resources.

2. Find A Secure Third-party Sources

The second highly crucial and key step is to find a secure 3rd party source such as our website and navigate the download button on it.

3. Initiate and Complete Downloading

Once you have found the secure source the next step is to initiate the downloading process by clicking on it. Give it a few minutes, let it complete, and it is all done.

4. Navigate Downloaded File

The next step is to navigate the downloaded file by getting into your Android “Settings”, then access the “Downloads” option and find the Mod Apk file.

5. Install It and Enjoy

Once you get the file the next step is to click on it to initiate the installation. Let the installation complete and get it all done. The game is ready to mesmerize you.

These are 5 key steps that are involved in downloading the Dragon City Mobile Mod Apk and it is all simple and smooth to get all done. There are no hard and long terms that are involved in it rather a few key requirements are there that are as follows.


Make sure to access a secure source so a well-organized play can be enjoyed. Also, allowing unknown resources is something that is meant to be allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Click on the given download button to download the Dragon City Mobile Mod Apk for free.

The optimized working and the anti-malware unit’s adjustment make the Dragon City hack a safe option.

There is no need to do anything to unlock unlimited money and the mod menu in the mod version of the Dragon City Apk rather download its updated version from our website to get it all done.

No, there is no need to root your device to unlock all the dragons and to access all mod features in the Dragon City Mobile Hack rather you get all done by accessing its updated version.

Final Words

To conclude, if you want to experience the adventurous world of the Dragon City with all its mod features and unlocked VIP assets then you should give a try to the Dragon City Mobile Hack Mod Apk. It is an advantageous simulator that helps you to satisfy your battling craze with all the fire-breathers unlocked and brings your superior relaxation dose with its impulsive fun stats. You get to enjoy a modified gaming realm and enjoy breeding, feeding, and training your dragons with some impulsive fun stats. Also, the game is free to download from the given link and offers you a required fun slot. So, download it and get the desired fun dose.

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