How to Get Free Gems in Dragon City? (Full Guide)

Are you looking for ways to get free gems in the famous game Dragon City? If yes then, you are caught at the right platform as we have already collected for you all the possible ways that can be utilized to get free gems. You will indeed be surprised by getting a detailed explanation about every single step you can take to get plenty of gems in your favorite game Dragon City MOD APK. Let’s read the information given below to explore more about it!

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How to Get Free Gems in Dragon City

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Why is collecting gems essential in the Dragon City game? 

Gems are the virtual in-game currency that can be used for buying the required items in the Dragon City game. This is the reason gamers often strive to get unlimited gems so that they can use them as a currency to buy any needed item at any stage of the game. Moreover, it also helps in unlocking various valuable assets of the game that can boost up the gamer in just one go. Furthermore, gems are also needed to get the power boosters to energize the gamer’s strengths. So, let’s get into the depth of this article to get your hands on all the ways to get free gems in Dragon City games!

Ways to Collect Gems in the Dragon City:

  • Daily Rewards: Keep an eye on daily rewards and get them as soon as possible. Most of the daily rewards contain gems in them. Complete the assigned task and get your desired gems to become competitive against rivals.
  • Complete Quest and Goals: In Dragon City games, there are various quests and goals to complete. Check them regularly and try to complete them and achieve the desired goal. As a reward, you will get gems in an excessive amount.
  • Participate in live Events and complete the collections: Being a gamer of Dragon City, you need to be competitive enough to participate in live events and complete all the collections given there. Gamers often get gems as their reward for fulfilling the assigned task.
  • Winning Leagues Battles: Engage in different leagues and battles featured by Dragon City games as most of them reward free gems to encourage the gamers. This is one of the best ways to earn plenty of gems by putting your efforts into it. 
  • Leveling Up: Based on increasing progress in Dragon City, this game will reward you with free gems. Play smartly and strive to climb the ladder of levels one by one and get lots of gems as a reward.
  • Collecting Income from Habitats: Collect the income from the habitats regularly. You can get gems as your daily income that you can use as a resource to buy anything you want in the game. 
  • Clearing Obstacles: Creating pathways for gamers or clearing obstacles from the way such as clearing the rocks, broken trees, etc also leads to getting gems as a reward in Dragon City games. 
  • Watching Video Ads on Dragon TV: Sometimes, you will see ads on the screen of Dragon City. Keep an eye on them and watch them as much as you can because in return you will get free gems as a reward.
  • Social Gifting: Try to build a connection with your friends on different social platforms. Gamers send and receive gifts to each other and most of them often send and get gems.
  • In-game Purchases: Whenever a gamer buys anything from in-game stores, they get gems as a bonus for shopping. So wherever you go for in-game purchases get free gems but do not exceed using this feature as it pulls our money from your pocket. 

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Final Verdict 

This article revolves around all the possible ways that can be used to get free gems in your favorite game Dragon City. Gems are essential as they are used as a virtual in-game currency to buy any required item in the game. Some of the most frequent ways are getting gems by participating in live events, leagues and battles and by getting daily rewards. Moreover, gems can also be achieved by leveling up, clearing obstacles, watching video ads on the dragon screen, and by social gifting as well. Last but not least, you can directly buy gems by purchasing them from in-game stores.

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