What is The Rarest Dragon in Dragon City? (Full Information)

Are you looking for the list of rarest dragons in Dragon City game? If yes, get ready to meet all the rare dragons equipped with wonderful fighting and attacking abilities! This article aims to provide you with every single detail regarding all kinds of rare dragons available in the Dragon City MOD APK game so that you can make their best use at the time of need based on the fighting skills they possess. Let’s read more and explore this piece of writing to get more detailed information about all of them!

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What is The Rarest Dragon in Dragon City

What makes the dragons rare in the Dragon City game?

Dragons that are equipped with exceptional capabilities and make the gamers stay strong on the battlefield against the opponents are very hard to find and rare as well. Gamers strive a lot to get their possession as their breeding also requires smart strategies. The spectacular ability to attack the enemies and defend the gamer is the fact gamers look for in the rare dragons. Let’s see and find out more about the rarest dragons in the Dragon City game!

  • Pure Dragons: In Dragon City games, there exist some special kinds of dragons known as pure dragons. They only take birth due to the combination or breeding of two special kinds of dragons. They are very rare and hold frequent demand by gamers.
  • Legendary Dragons: These kinds of dragons are rare because they have special powers and abilities that they use to diminish the enemies in just one go. Gamers strive a lot to find them and get them to become powerful in front of rivals.
  • Heroic Dragons: Heroic dragons are associated with special events and are born with the breeding of special dragons. They are rare and gamers may also find it challenging to acquire them. Gamers want to get them due to their distinct appearances. 
  • Divine Dragons: They are considered the special dragons because the Dragon City game only features divine dragons once in a blue moon and also in some special kinds of events. They are very powerful and smart attackers in nature and hold great importance in a team of gamers.
  • Ancient Dragons: In Dragon City games, ancient dragons are rare because of their association with ancient breeding and mythological themes. You can only get them by participating in special events and competitions as they are hard to find. 
  • High-Level Tournament Dragons: In this game, gamers need to put a lot of effort into getting high ranks in high-level tournaments. This is the reason, why high-level tournament dragons are also very rare to obtain. 
  • Limited-Time Event Dragons: These are the dragons that are only available for a limited time and are featured in special events and competitions. That’s why limited-time event dragons are very rare and players are required to get them through effort. 
  • Promotional Dragons: Another interesting kind of dragons are promotional dragons. They are offered as a part of cross-promotion with events and competitions that’s why they are very rare to obtain. 
Rarest Dragon in Dragon City

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Final Verdict

Rare dragons are very hard to find in Dragon City games because they are equipped with special abilities and powers that gamers can use against their opponents in the game. This article provides information about every rare dragon and their special abilities that may make the gamers stand distinct against their enemies. Some of the rare dragons include pure dragons that are produced with the breeding of two powerful dragons enriched with special abilities. Then comes, legendary dragons that are extra strong and possess exceptional fighting abilities with rare existence. Moreover, heroic dragons and divine dragons are associated with special events and competitions which is the reason they are very rare to find. Besides this, ancient dragons and high-level tournament dragons are other rare kinds of dragons. Last but not least, limited-time event dragons and promotional dragons are also considered due to their rare existence and the high efforts required to obtain them.

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