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Android 4.4 and up


60.4 MB

MB Whatsapp APK is a standard modification of the official WhatsApp application with in-built software modulation for a successful iOS experience on android. It has manipulating keys for a customizable interface and stylish home screen. With powerful WhatsApp plus origin, it can stimulate the iPhone’s themes on your android device for a rich user experience. It’s a mod version of the most popular and successful cross-chatting Fouad WhatsApp that manages to hold all the gigantic features for an amazing and satisfactory user trial. It is augmented with uncountable aesthetic aspects where a great visual appeal with iPhone themes holds an important position. Not only this but also, the user gets a custom approach, vast fonts, filters, and styles library access along with a strong privacy program. So, for a better working mechanism and beyond-of-the-border features download the latest MB Whatsapp for your android.

NameMB Whatsapp APK
Updated on1 hour ago
Size60.4 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.4 and up
Offered ByStefanoYG
Rating(4.7/5) 5210 Votes

MB Whatsapp Working and MOD Features:

MB Whatsapp APK is known as a dominating conversation application due to its mod features. It can beat any other application when it comes to working and functionality. It provides an amazing usage and working experience same like er whatsapp. So, before downloading it let’s have a look at what mod features we are going to have with this MB Whatsapp.

  • IOS Themes and Emojis
  • iPhone Interface
  • Operational Mechanism
  • Message Features
  • Additional Features

IOS Themes and Emojis

IOS Themes and Emojis
IOS Themes and Emojis

If you want to enjoy the WhatsApp features of ios14 then I am damn sure that there could be no better option except the MB Whatsapp apk. It is similar to ios14 WhatsApp in several respects where the most prominent is the iPhone-like custom themes. With this simple and free application, you can get a full iPhone feeling by using its thousands of custom themes. There is also an option to create your themes by merging your favorite colors into one frame and creating a newer background. In addition to this, it is similar to ios by a variety of emojis. Here, also you can create your emojis or enjoy a wide range of animated emojis and gifs same as sawhatsapp.  

MB Whatsapp APK iPhone Interface

iPhone Interface
iPhone Interface

Another most fascinating feature of the MB Whatsapp apk that makes you feel like you are using an iPhone is its interface. Along with themes and emojis, you get an iPhone 14’s interface that will surprise you not only by its appearance but also by its working. Whether it is the chat’s interface or the app setting you will get a complete iPhone manual by which it can be disguised as an iPhone. You can also try now gm whatsapp from our website.

Operational Mechanism

Operational Mechanism
Operational Mechanism

There is no doubt that WhatsApp has become our daily used appliance not only for chatting but also for work purposes and worldwide information sharing. It has millions of users that are expanding day by day and it is due to its multi-purpose working and effective use. It is very easy to use this app with the conversant interface and enhanced sharing option. It offers you the following options that make it a user-friendly application. We also recommend you to download Cyber Whatsapp.

  • It supports all file formats
  • You can share and receive large files
  • Send more than 100 pictures
  • Exchange videos of more than 100 MB
  • Easy operating system
  • Upload more than 250 character’s status

Message Features

Message Features
Message Features

Get various mod message features for free by which you can send the same message to multiple contacts at once. You can make others unaware of your online status and typing log by pressing the scene off button from the setting. Also, you can forward a message as your own without making others aware of it. For this, you can select a message, edit it and resend it. Also, you can copy and paste any text with the utmost ease. Moreover, you can do the following things.

  • Copy and paste a text
  • Hide your status
  • Hide typing icon
  • Hide recording icon
  • Sent one message to multiple contacts
  • Call or message to unsaved number
  • Avail anti-deleting option
  • Schedule message
  • Select auto-reply
  • Block any number
  • React to messages

Additional Features

The MB Whatsapp apk is not restricted to the above-mentioned features but other useful features polish it. It offers full control via its customizable functionality same like ra whatsapp. Whether we talk about the contact list, interface, home page, background or about search bar, call log, or messaging page we can add an ultra-creative touch to it with our creative skills. For this, you can take an online picture and change it as you wish it to be. Add colors, pictures, and other stunning themes to your app and create an aesthetic effect.


In addition to this, you can download others’ statuses without making them aware of them. Zoom into profile pictures of any of your contact and change them for you in the desired way. You can add the name on anyone’s profile, select a picture from your gallery or create anything with color merging and fonts. Also, if you are fed up with someone you can make him/her unable to call via applying restrictions from the privacy bar. In addition, now you can also download AD Whatsapp.


Furthermore, you can separately customize your chatting application from your phone by adopting a separate password and pin code for WhatsApp. By this, you can make your WhatsApp data more private and keep it intact from others’ access. Likewise, if your phone is running out of storage due to WhatsApp data you can manage to make separate storage for WhatsApp without a gallery entree and access the data anytime directly on the app. We also recommend you to download YMWhatsapp.

How to Download and Install MB Whatsapp APK?

  • Firstly, click on the link given below to download the MB Whatsapp APK
  • After Downloading it, Allow other sources install from your mobile settings and get it installed.
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
  • After the installation process is done, you can easily log in to it with your phone number.
log in to it with your phone number
log in to it with your phone number

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is MB Whatsapp Apk safe to use?

Yes, based on several tests and users’ responses we can term MB Whatsapp Apk as a safe and secure chatting application. Also, with a strong evolving unit and bug fixation, it is empowered by its developers and made 100% safe.  

How do I update the MB Whatsapp?

For better working and developing units ensure to possess the latest version of MB Whatsapp and for this visit our site anytime.

Does MB Whatsapp work in all countries?

MB Whatsapp is capable of delivering its amazing services in every country of the world but some countries allow their self-developed applications to be used and restrict others. In such a case, you cannot avail of its services.


Download the MB Whatsapp apk with several aesthetic ios14 themes, emoji, and interface. Along with an erected range of aesthetic features, you will have security, messaging, and custom features for free. It’s a full package of all required options without any traditional limit of official WhatsApp. All in all, it is the best social, business, and instant messaging application with a strong privacy hold and full control over the application. Also, download AG Whatsapp.

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