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April 22, 2024




Fouad Mokdad


Android 4.0 and up


49.0 MB

Nowadays, many of us are very active on WhatsApp. Everyone is well familiar with this social app. However, today we will talk about the MOD version of this app, and this article is all about YOWhatsApp APK.

NameYOWhatsApp APK
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Size49.0 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.0 and up
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It is the best version of the original app. The APK version has many more features, making it an excellent app replacement. So, continue reading to learn more about the latest version of the app and its features.

Introduction to YOWhatsApp

When WhatsApp came into existence, it engulfed everybody. The messaging app became widely popular and one of the most important ways of telecommunication. Additionally, it allowed its users to make video calls with friends and family living afar. The app developers introduced end-to-end encryption as time progressed, making the app even more secure.

The benefits of this encryption were the blue ticks and double ticks. It showed whether the message had been delivered and read. WhatsApp offered its services for a small fee but later upgraded to free services. As more people used the app, they demanded more features. It led to the invention of YoWhatsApp, which is the modified version of the original. Additionally, you can also download jtwhatsapp apk from our website as well.


However, the modded version is not available to download from the Play store. You can download it from third-party websites only. Hence, it is important to download files from a secure source. Otherwise, files can contain malware that can affect your device. Our website assures you the safest installation of this mod version of WhatsApp with all the unlocked features.

Moreover, YoWhatsApp’s new version allows you to personalize your app. Before you decide on installing the app, let’s explore the features and working mechanism of the app in detail. We also recommend you to download mb whatsapp.

Why Choose YoWhatsApp

The app allows you to personalize all your conversations. You can even put up different backgrounds for each of your friends. In addition, the font sizes and styles can also be changed with this modified version. The app also offers countless emoticons. You can even send full-sized images and videos. However, the most significant feature is that you can send over 700 photos simultaneously.

Moving ahead, the app also offers the records of your contacts. All these features are available in the 2024 version, so download the latest version to enjoy all the features.

YOWhatsApp APK

Many people have the misconception that using the mod version of WhatsApp will ban the original app on your phone. It is not true. If you download an anti-ban APK, you can easily use the app without getting banned.

However, YoWhatsApp is just like the original version with the addition of some features. So, you can easily enjoy everything without worrying about what features the app will have. In addition, now you can also download fmwhatsapp.

Features of YoWhatsApp

YoWhatsApp comes with many embedded features. It is a modded version that has garnered much attention from people around the globe. Moreover, it is a much better option with exciting features like hiding your online status and hiding second ticks.

Let’s explore some of the features in detail.

YO WhatsApp APK
Infogrpahic: YOWhatsApp APK

Keep on Recording

Keep on Recording
Keep on Recording

The app allows the users to record a voice message without touching the voice icon. Just tap and swipe up and record the message you want to send. It makes it easier to send a voice message.

Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings
Privacy Settings

With any app, the most important thing is privacy. Every user looks for the perfect privacy settings. However, with YoWhatsApp, the users are able to hide their blue ticks, recording status, online status, double tick, etc. Also, download whatsapp plus.


Some modified apps bring malware and fear being banned from the original developers. But this APK version of WhatsApp has nothing of the sort. You can use the app for free without any restriction or limit. Send messages and share pictures with your loved ones without any fear.


Stay Anonymous

The original WhatsApp requires you to save a number before you can text and call. Anyhow, with the modified WhatsApp, you can select any not saved contact and quickly contact them even if their number is not saved. You may also download gb whatsapp, it is a good alternative.

App Locking

App Locking
App Locking

This feature is in-built in the mod version only. Therefore, you do not need any third-party app. Just come up with a PIN or passcode and lock your app. You can even use a fingerprint to protect your WhatsApp.

Change Home Screen Wallpaper

Change Home Screen Wallpaper
Change Home Screen Wallpaper

The official version only allows you to change the wallpaper of your chats. However, the modded version will enable you to change the home screen’s wallpaper and use any of the backgrounds of your choice.



If you are bored with the stereotypical layout of WhatsApp we’ve seen for ages, then it’s time to get YoWhatsApp. Additionally, if you like customized versions of apps, then the latest version of this mod app is definitely for you.

The great thing about these is they keep on updating, so get an unlimited number of themes and customize the layout of your chats.

Media Sharing Without any Limits

It can be a bit of a hassle if you want to share a heavy video or share multiple images at once. With the original WhatsApp, it isn’t easy to share large files.

At the same time, the modified version gives you the perks of sending multiple high-quality images all at once. You can even send videos up to 700 MB without any restrictions.

Media Sharing Without any Limits
Media Sharing Without any Limits

Call Blocker & Font Change

Call Blocker & Font Change
Call Blocker & Font Change

The latest version of YoWhatsApp allows you to block individual contacts. You can also let who can call you or text you. In addition, you can even choose and change the chat texts’ font style and sizes. So, customize your WhatsApp with this excellent feature.

Enable Dark Mode

Enable Dark Mode
Enable Dark Mode

Many people are feasible with using dark mode. However, YoWhatsApp gives the flexibility to turn on Dark Mode. This feature provides less stress to the eyes and is visually appealing.

Change the App’s Language

Change the App’s Language
Change the App’s Language

The latest YoWA offers many languages to its users. Therefore, you can choose from Hindi, Chinese, Italian, Turkish, German, and many more languages to operate the app accordingly.

Closed Conversation Screen

Closed Conversation Screen
Closed Conversation Screen

This feature allows you to end a conversation by simply swiping left. There is no need to press any button to close a conversation. All you have to do is to swipe your way out of it!

Conversation Cards

In this Mod version of WhatsApp, if you press the recent message button during a chat, the chat will display a card. However, this feature only runs on Android 5.0 and above.

Disable Audio & Hide Date and Time

Disable Audio & Hide Date and Time
Disable Audio & Hide Date and Time

During playing audio, a notification pops up in the status bar. You can turn it off using the latest YoWA version. Moreover, if you ever copy a message, the date and time show. But with YoWhatsApp, you can turn this feature off.

See Deleted Status

See Deleted Status
See Deleted Status

With this feature of the mod APK version, you can watch all the stories and statuses that your friends have already deleted. So, now you also have access to have a follow up of all the hidden or deleted video status.

Key Features

Other than the above-listed features, YOWhatsApp offers a lot more

  • You can change tick style and bubble style. The original app only offers one standard style. You can also send HQ images.
  • Over 1000 chats can be pinned at a time, although it is unreal to have this many chats.
  • You can hide chats using a fingerprint lock. This option is not available in the original version. Only messages can be archived.
  • Additionally, the app has a call privacy feature.
  • The application has a group message counter.
  • You can also contact online toast through the app.
  • You can customize the settings for groups and chats.
  • Moreover, you can post statuses up to 250 words.
  • The app’s icon can be changed in YoWhatsApp.
  • These files can be saved in zip files.
  • You can even block unsaved numbers from the app.

Requirements to Install YoWA

Like any other APK file, YoWA also requires some standard settings for installation. These include:

  • It can be installed on the latest versions of Android
  • Official WhatsApp has to be uninstalled to install the APK version
  • Requires a strong internet connection

How to Download and Install YOWhatsApp APK?

Downloading YOWhatsApp APK is a simple task. Follow the steps given below to download it and install it on your android device.

  • Firstly, click on the link given below to download the YOWhatsapp APK
  • After Downloading it, Allow other sources install from your mobile settings and get it installed.
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
  • After the installation process is done, you can easily log in to it with your phone number.
log in to it with your phone number
log in to it with your phone number

Advantages of YoWhatsApp

  • Reverse the delete option. If someone sends a message on your phone and deletes it, you can bring it back. The message stays on your phone.
  • You can enable Airplane or DND mode. It will let you use your phone without being disturbed by WhatsApp notifications.
  • In addition, the customization features on the app make your version of WhatsApp stand out from the crowd.
  • You can share multiple images and high-resolution images with just one click.
  • The forwarded tag is removed if you deliver any message to a contact.

Disadvantages of Using YOWhatsApp

  • Like every other app, the modified APK version also comes with a couple of drawbacks. The drawbacks are listed below.
  • Cannot backup data and chats to Google Drive.
  • Not an official version, so security issues exist despite the attached anti-ban software.
  • The app is a bit slower than the original one.

Permissions Required for YoWA Installation

Some of the permissions that are granted to YoWA are as follows:

  • Internet access all the time
  • Accessing the device’s location
  • Access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, and mike
  • Modifying audio settings
  • Recording audio using a mic
  • Access to contacts list
  • Sending and reading SMS
  • Access to vibration and mute
  • Write external storage
  • Access to Maps Services

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

YoWhatsApp is safe or not?

A huge group of people are already using this mod apk version of WhatsApp, and none of them has complained about the privacy concerns. So, it shows that this app is quite safe to use. However, initially, the app came across some bugs, but with the recent updates, all these bugs are fixed very well. Therefore, you can install it without worrying about the protection aspect.

How can I update my YoWhatsApp?

You can download the updated version from our site as this modded version is not available on Play Store, so you can get the updated YoWA from this page.

Does YoWA support sending full resolution images?

Yes, you can send the pictures or videos through this version without disturbing the picture resolution. When you send a picture in the original version, it compromises the quality and resolution. But the YoWA preserves it for better quality.


Being one of the top-most Mod APK apps, YoWhatsApp is an excellent choice for users who love texting with all these features.

However, the latest version lets you enjoy more themes and attractive privacy options. It also offers customization and added controls. Therefore, among so many other mod versions of WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp should be your pick.