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Android 4.0.3 and up


50.30 MB

GB Whatsapp is a popular texting and voice conferencing service by Facebook. Over two billion people are using it in nearly 180 nations. However, it’s easy to use, dependable, and confidential, so you can simply communicate with relatives and buddies. In addition, the GB Whatsapp download 53 mb Apk operates on desktop and mobile platforms, including over limited connections, and there are no monthly costs.

NameGB WhatsApp APK
Updated on2 hours ago
Size50.30 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.0.3 and up
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This hack, unfortunately, is not available for download through Google App Store. However, you’re lucky since we’ve included a link to download the GB WhatsApp here.

As we know, WhatsApp is now used by many people to share videos, photos, voice recordings, and other media. However, to use WhatsApp with additional features, you can download the GBWhatsApp APK.

Experts altered the original WhatsApp application to enable access, such as eliminating double ticks, changing backgrounds, setting online presence, using multiple WhatsApp accounts, and more. Moreover, it includes additional security options, and there is no cost associated with using it. Additionally, we are now also providing pro version of this app which is yowhatsapp on our website with some extra features.

GB WhatsApp APK – An Overview

GB WhatsApp is a messaging application that looks and works like the original App. It consists of licensed files that could violate the standard WhatsApp app’s regulations, including numerous enhanced features. Also, it has many useful features and can be modified in many ways. It safeguards the user’s privacy while also taking advantage of various functions. The user also can have multiple accounts.

GBWhatsapp APK Cover
GBWhatsapp APK Cover

Several apps, such as Linkedin, Snapchat, Facebook, and others, are easily accessible. Anyhow, a new WhatsApp Mod is here that adds new functionality to this world-famous messaging service. It’s a fantastic piece of software with a ton of useful features.

Firstly, GBWhatsApp is the only WhatsApp mod updated regularly so far. It is another great WhatsApp variation that has been tweaked. Like mb whatsapp, GBWhatsApp has many more functions than the official App. You don’t have to delete WhatsApp if you want to use the GBwhatsapp apk. Moreover, read about some of GBWhatsApp’s great features here. Exciting features that aren’t included in a free app.

Permissions for GB WhatsApp APK

  • Access to the internet
  • Access to your phone book
  • Map Access
  • Allow phone’s memory, galleries, mic, and others
  • Accessibility to external memory permissions for the gadget’s identity

Highlights of GB WhatsApp

The most interesting element of GBWhatsApp is its ability to handle multiple accounts in the same App. The team offers for the buying of templates as well as upgrades. In addition, it offers us a great function of enabling files of approximately 50 MB. This feature is not available in the original WhatsApp. Moreover, below are some more noteworthy aspects.

  • Protected identity
  • Characteristic of Auto Reply
  • It is possible to hide the active status.
  • Interesting stickers
  • It is possible to disguise double ticks on the messaging.
  • The presence of blue ticks indicates that the text has been read. We can make it hidden.
  • Additionally, the last time you were seen could be concealed from the people you chose.
  • The group name could be 35 characters long.
  • It is possible to preserve your WhatsApp status.
  • The contacts’ status can be copied.
  • It allows all file types.
  • Status can be up to 254 letters long, whereas standard WhatsApp only permits 139 words.
  • Users can broadcast to 600 people
  • Distinguish between average and broadcast texts.
  • However, it is possible to copy a specified status.
  • You can also call from your phone contacts using the App
  • Moreover, you can change the design of ticks and floats.
  • Users can modify any element they desire.
  • The pinned number of conversations is not limited to three.
  • Contact links can be displayed in a variety of styles.
  • Approximately 50 MB of video could be sent.
  • Not only can you share voice recordings up to 100 Megabytes, but you can also send video files up to 16 MB.
  • Sending up to 90 images at once is now possible.
  • In addition, it is possible to modify the layout.
  • It is also possible to hide the recordings information with GB WhatsApp.
  • The status clip is 7 mins.
  • The top logos for launching.
  • There is also a backup feature.
  • You can hide the writing activity.
  • A good variety of animated gifs.
  • Access to the logbook.
  • Moreover, the text’s timeline has been provided.
  • There’s an upgrade that can’t be considered a prohibition.
  • Fixing the flaws is possible.
  • Furthermore, you can discreetly respond to other participants in a group conversation.

MOD Features of GB WhatsApp APK

When was the last time you used the original WhatsApp? Let’s say you wish to protect WhatsApp from being accessed by unauthorized users. Unfortunately, individual conversations cannot be hidden using third-party application vaults. Thus you must purchase third-party application vaults before using the third-party App.

However, it’s possible to keep your applications and chats privately with the GB Mod. The update includes a custom application locker. There is, in fact, the ability to set a password for a particular topic. Therefore, consider adding a password to the communication to keep the conversation secret.

You may use two WhatsApp accounts on the same device and conceal read receipts with WhatsAppsGB. Moreover, you can also transmit high-resolution photographs and utilize the Auto-reply option. Also, use more characters in a status update with GB WhatsApp. It is quite popular among whatsapp users.

Check out some more fantastic MOD features below:

GB WhatsApp APK Features
Infographic: GB WhatsApp APK Features

Application Restriction

When was the last time you used the original WhatsApp? Let’s say you wish to protect WhatsApp from being accessed by unauthorized users. Unfortunately, individual conversations cannot be hidden using third-party application vaults. Thus you must purchase third-party application vaults before using the third-party App.

Application Restriction
Application Restriction

However, it’s possible to keep your applications and chats privately with the GB Mod. The update includes a custom application locker. There is, in fact, the ability to set a password for a particular topic. Therefore, consider adding a password to the communication to keep the conversation secret.

Easy to Share

With WhatsApp GB, you can instantly send and receive messages, photos, videos, audio files, and documents from friends and family. Moreover, the general public can’t change this App despite some wishes. Therefore, you may download the GB Mod for free from our website.

Easy to Share
Easy to Share

In addition, there is a list of explanations on this page that why you should download the GB WhatsApp apk. If this software continues to be downloaded and installed on linked phones instead of WhatsApp, it will build momentum.

Please Re-Enter Contact Information That Was Not Saved

You’re well aware that you’ll need to store the other person’s phone number before you can communicate. Unfortunately, this process takes a long time and takes up a lot of space on your smartphone.

Please Re-Enter Contact Information That Was Not Saved
Please Re-Enter Contact Information That Was Not Saved

However, if you’ve joined a community for just a few days, you need not add the information to your phone contacts. This hack can assist you if you don’t need to save the information and merely transmit a message to a target number without keeping it.

Hide your Active Status

Users can adjust their options or mask online presence if they don’t want people to contact them and need security. When compared to GB, there is no way to hide the initial idle status. However, using the mod app is an excellent way to hide it. The functionality will be available.

Hide your Active Status
Hide your Active Status

Select whether or not you want to hide the activity of particular connections. So, for example, users probably wouldn’t be able to see you available on WhatsApp GB.

Reply Automatically

Reply Automatically
Reply Automatically

Start by replying to any of the contacts using this auto-reply feature. It is that simple. GB WhatsApp supports the latest edition of WhatsApp. Moreover, you may also save a copy of your talks for future reference. At any moment, they may be retrieved. For conversations, you could use Text timing in GB WhatsApp. In addition, for security and other various matters, you can modify your last seen.

Text Filtering

Text Filtering
Text Filtering

The Filtration Texts function in the GB Whatsapp APK offers a chance to erase conversation and limit your texts.

Message Opposing Revocation

Message Opposing Revocation
Message Opposing Revocation

Anti-revocation messages are included in the mod apk of GB WhatsApp 2024. Moreover, the consumers can apply amazing and distinctive enhancements when sharing images and videos with relatives and friends.

Post Geolocation

GB Whatsapp 2024 further allows users to share their actual position with their contacts.

Send as Many Photos as possible

Send as Many Photos as possible
Send as Many Photos as possible

Furthermore, when compared to authorized Whatsapp, you may share over 90 images at once in the GB Mod. You also can deliver your friend a Fifty MB snippet and a 100 MB voice file.

Themes That Never Finish

Themes That Never Finish
Themes That Never Finish

In addition, a new function has been added to this updated messaging App. So, depending on your setting, there are many themes and smileys that you can put on your smartphone.

Status of Uploads

Status of Uploads
Status of Uploads

Downloading snapshots from other people’s upload statuses is another useful function of this App.

It is the Best one

It is the Best one
It is the Best one

Surely you’ve had enough of the archaic serif. In this case, you may choose your chosen font by clicking on the font choice. Additionally, you may design your custom font using this program.

Select Chats

Select Chats
Select Chats

From the start menu of this application, one can pick all the conversations at once. Isn’t that amazing?

Select desire Language

Select desire Language
Select desire Language

Another big plus is that GBWhatsApp makes it easy and understandable, allowing you to choose a language other than the standard.


You can also receive notifications when someone in your address book updates their profile photo using this application. An innovative feature of the GB Whatsapp APK is to mask the application’s catchy alerts on the home screen.


Aside from the designs, there are other options such as hiding, turning off the App’s Internet connection, tablet privacy, and more. The only drawback to this software is the possibility of being banned from the official WhatsApp app. Although in this variant, we give you the anti-ban version. If you’re still unsure, try another phone number.

Benefits of GB WhatsApp (Latest Version)

Within the same App, you can also have multiple accounts. A very significant function that spares time and effort is uploading several files and photographs simultaneously. However, you can apply the logins to individuals you don’t wish to see on primary WhatsApp screens.

Additionally, the texts and discussions can be hidden, and both participants can remove texts. The most important feature is the ability to save other people’s statuses. You can also save your preferred statuses. One can also develop, design, and alter the layout and publish longer video statuses.

Benefits of GB WhatsApp
Benefits of GB WhatsApp

It’s possible to change the writing and audio status. Icons, stamps, and a range of Animations are all available in various categories. Anyhow, you could also use an alternative application to watch WhatsApp videos. It also assures a privacy statement, in addition to all the other advantages. It protects the users’ data from unauthorized access.

Customize your Protection and Settings

You can now set anonymity on your post to only oneself or your connections in the most recent version. Users can also disguise their identity from certain people. To use this feature, you must be using GB Whatsapp. You may also opt-out of receiving communications from anybody or anyone else at any time.

Customize your Protection and Settings
Customize your Protection and Settings

In GB Whatsapp, the camera zooms in on your friends’ profile photographs are a lot of fun. Clicking on a picture will magnify it. Moreover, you’ll also be alerted whenever one of your pals changes their Whatsapp profile picture. You may also download and open a replica of anyone’s status to make a copy of their own.

Pros And Cons

WhatsApp is unquestionably one of the most pleasant messaging apps on the market today. The App is available on various platforms, including Android, iPhone, and PC. In terms of capability and operations, WhatsApp is a powerhouse. GBWhatsApp, like other modified versions of WhatsApp Plus FMWhatsApp and other applications, is just a repackaged copy of the original. With this App, you’ll be able to utilize it alongside the official version of the App. It is also more functional than previous changes.

However, this mod’s minimal flaw restricts the use of GBWhatsApp accounts. Your account may be permanently disabled if the mod version is discovered. For those who are adamant about obtaining this mod, we recommend creating an account using the temporary contact information. Make use of a different one from the one you utilized for the first time.

If you’re experiencing trouble installing the App or pausing during a conversation, there’s an issue. There are two basic reasons why this may occur. First, an old Android phone with out-of-date software might cause issues, so be sure to check the versions of your apps before using them.

But from the other end, if users try installing the newest version of the application on an Android smartphone older than Android 5.0, it may not function correctly. Whereas if software and Pc are both up to current, but you’re still having issues, you should approach an authorized support team.

Sharing crucial information such as credit card numbers, keys, credentials, photographs, and other sensitive data is not a good idea. There is no assurance anyone else is accessing or obtaining our data. But it does have a good defense against it being prohibited, and it is still unclear whether it will be forbidden in the hereafter. Furthermore, it is not available in the iPhone or Android stores since they do not adhere to their security and regulations. They are restricted in certain businesses. As a result, there is a significant risk of spyware.

Problems while downloading the Whatsapp GB

You might start clearing the memory if you’re having difficulties installing GBWhatsApp. To do just that,

  • Go to your phone’s Settings and scroll to the bottom to “Run a reinstallation.”
  • Next, relaunch GBWhatsapp and choose “Ban apps again from systems” from the “Delete apps from the device” menu.
  • It should now be possible to start installing GBWhatsapp.

However, GBWhatsapp’s most common problem is that it uses many data. A malfunctioning or inconsistent remote system may be to blame. It could also fail to download if the broadband connection is unstable or the mobile network is inadequate. Therefore, try turning off your cellular internet and rebooting your device to correct the errors.

If none of those earlier options work, remove this software and reinstall it from the online webpage. If you have an older smartphone, you may need to download apps from a separate location. Anyhow, if it doesn’t work, try turning off your cellular internet and resetting your phone. After you’ve disconnected from the web, you’ll be able to use GBWhatsApp normally.

To upgrade your GBWhatsApp, you could also use the technique described below. However, remember that this procedure is ineffective, as the current edition may not have been suitable for your phone. So instead, make use of this feature by going to your App’s main menu and tapping an icon with three horizontal lines in the upper right corner. Then go to GBSettings and pick the amended list. If the previous method fails, you may attempt a second time.

How to Download and Install GB WhatsApp APK?

Downloading WhatsApp GB APK is as simple and easy as downloading the official version. Follow the steps below to download it and install it on your android device.

  • Firstly, click on the link given to download the GB Whatsapp APK
  • After Downloading it, Allow other sources install from your mobile settings and get it installed.
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
  • After the installation process is done, you can easily log in to it with your phone number.
log in to it with your phone number
log in to it with your phone number

Comparison of WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp

WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp look and work virtually identically in their user interfaces, installation, and message delivery. However, additional features and hacks are added in the Gb WhatsApp Mod.

Anyhow, the GB WhatsApp should not be used by anybody dealing with sensitive information. But, on the other hand, it is perfect for amusing a friend or keeping your WhatsApp status and customized appearance private. We also recommend you to download jtwhatsapp.


  • It is not able to copy the status.
  • Audio mails can indeed be upwards to 16 MB in size.’
  • The total size of all the files that are sent is 16 MB.
  • At any given time, thirty images can be chosen.
  • Messages that are erased for everybody are permanently gone.
  • The current state could be turned off.
  • The status of taping and editing could be masked.
  • Allows condition lengths of down to 139 letters.
  • Autoreply Is solely for commercial purposes.
  • There is no passcode for individual chats or connections.
  • Up to three chats can be pinned.
  • There is no way to log in.

GB WhatsApp

  • It makes it easy to add or save the status.
  • Audio mails up to 100MB incapacity can be transmitted.
  • Allows video files up to 50 MB in length.
  • Displays up to 90 images at the moment.
  • Removed conversations are visible.
  • Selected individuals can have their status turned off.
  • A status video might last up to 7 minutes.
  • The audio or status can both be hidden.
  • The maximum number of status traits is 255.
  • Auto-reply is supported.
  • It is possible to enable credentials.
  • It is possible to pin over three connections.
  • Login information is available.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is it possible to utilize two Whatsapp accounts on the same headset?

Indeed, it’s totally up to you whether or not you wish to keep multiple variants. They do not affect the application’s operation!

Is it safe to use GB WhatsApp?

Yes, many people have this mod version and using it without any issues. So, it’s a safe and protected mod version to use.

Is it possible to run two instances of WhatsApp on the same phone?

Sure! This program was made specifically to do just that. so have a good time with this.

How could I get GBWhatsApp and set it up?

GBWhatsApp is an unauthorized mod edition; it is not available on the Google Play Store. You must obtain something from a reputable third-party source. You may also use the link to download above should securely obtain the apk file. However, be sure that downloads from unknown sources are enabled. It enables you to download unauthorized apk files. You may activate it to confirm your mobile number once downloaded.
Remember to make a data backup from the rules related before downloading it; otherwise, you risk losing it. We also recommend that you utilize this as a supplementary chat application.

Is your WhatsApp account in danger of being banned?

No, you will have complete control over your privacy with this software.


I hope you like the APK MOD version of the official WhatsApp program. GB Whatsapp offers the same security and plans as the official Whatsapp. To summarise, if you’re looking for even more functionality, go ahead and download and install Whatsapp GB APK right now. Apps may also be updated for a limited period of time for free. The variation is only installed if the user knows that it is safe to do so.

Afterward, you may use the program for 30 days to observe how it works. GBWhatsApp Mods are gaining notoriety for the quality of their work. In addition, the colors, strong privacy choices, and status options differentiate them from the competition. Therefore, install GBWhatsApp now and take advantage of its enhanced features.

I’m hoping you’ll find this article interesting. However, it is only a substitute for the formal application. Its most essential feature is that it can be used in combination with the official App to communicate with others who use this type of application. However, its drawbacks must be considered. The prohibited identities from GBWhatsApp install indicate that it is unreliable, but regular upgrades from its producers.

We’d be grateful if you could share this fantastic GBWhatsapp APK with your colleagues. You’ll think it was one of the best applications with more up-to-date capabilities. In addition, it had the same licensing as the original software so that you won’t have any security problems.