How To Unlock H2H In FIFA Mobile? (Complete Guide)

Do you want to know how to unlock H2H (Head to Head) in the FIFA Mobile game? If you are looking for this concern then we are pleased to entertain you as we offer the information you are desperately searching for! So, read this article to know the unlocking procedure of H2H in FIFA Mobile MOD APK and unlock the endless fun hidden behind it!

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How To Unlock H2H In FIFA Mobile

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Procedure to Unlock H2H in FIFA Mobile Game

The following procedure will take you to your desired destination. So, let’s follow this way step by step to get H2H unlocked in just one go!

  • Check Game Version: First of all, make sure that you are using the latest version of the FIFA Mobile Mod APK game as the creators of the new version often release updates regarding new features and resolve various issues.
  • Complete Tutorial: Now, you need to complete watching the initial tutorials in the first place. Various new features and assets are locked and require completing the tutorials to grant access to these valuable features.
  • Internet Connection: Stable internet connection is the basic requirement of H2h mode so make sure that you have proper internet.
  • Account Linking: Most of the gamers enjoy the FIFA mobile game as a guest. Being a gamer, you need to link your account directly to your social media account to get access to H2H mode. Guest accounts are often not permitted for various important actions.
  • Clear or Cache Data: Clear the previous data to avoid the inconvenience. 
  • Reinstall the Game: Another way to unlock H2H mode in the FIFA Mobile game is to uninstall or reinstall the FIFA Mobile game.
  • Check for Updates: Lastly, do not forget to check for continuous updates on the official platform of the FIFA Mobile game as they often release news regarding different important features.
Unlock H2H in FIFA Mobile Game

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Final Verdict

This article is all about the way to unlock the H2H in the FIFA Mobile game. It proceeds from checking the game’s version followed by completing the Tutorial and checking the proper internet connection. Afterward, account linking, clearing data, and reinstalling the game would take you to the head-to-head mode. Last but not least, check for the updates to get the final results.

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