How To Change Club In FIFA Mobile? (Complete Information)

Are you in search of a way to change the club in the FIFA mobile game? We are here to provide you with the relevant details. Although the option to change the club is not directly available for the gamers in the settings or a menu of the FIFA Mobile Hack, there is a way that you can follow you to get your desired task done. 

In this football game, choosing a football club is the permanent and constant decision of the gamer throughout his gaming exposure. When gamers initiate installing FIFA Mobile and creating their profile, they are asked to choose their desired club. 

How To Change Club In FIFA Mobile

After that, the gamer is bound to align his team with that particular chosen club that is specified with the account. So, if you are willing to change your club in the FIFA game then you are required to uninstall or reinstall the Fifa mobile game on your device and create another account. This will result in getting another chance to change the club and enjoy the game with the new journey. 

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Besides this, creating a new account will result in losing the previous progress of the gamer and beginning the new one with the new account. The following explained steps would be greatly helpful for you in creating a new account and changing the club. Let’s give it a quick read together!

Change Club In FIFA Mobile

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Steps to Create a New Account in FIFA Mobile Game:

  • Create a New Account: To begin with the process, first of all, check if you are logged in with the guest account. If it is a guest account then, simply uninstall the FIFA game and reinstall it to create a new account. If your account is linked with social platforms such as Facebook or Instagram then, log out and create another account.
  • Replay Tutorial: Now, follow the initial setup that you did previously to create your profile in the FIFA game. Put the profile details and choose your desired club to proceed with the game.
  • Progress and Build Your New Team: Build your new team because now you have to work hard and make a strong new team from scratch with your new account. 
Create a New Account in FIFA Mobile Game

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Final Verdict 

This article contains the process of changing the club in the FIFA mobile game. As it can not be done in an exacting account because of the unavailability of the option to change the club gamers have to create a new account by following the above-given steps. Afterward, they can select their desired club to proceed with the game.

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