How To Change Jersey Number In FIFA Mobile? (Full Guide)

Do you want to know how to change the Jersey Number in the FIFA Mobile game? If yes then, we are pleased to welcome you on our platform as we are bringing your desired knowledge to you at your ease. Read the following steps in the information below to know the exact procedure to change the jersey number in a FIFA game!

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How To Change Jersey Number In FIFA Mobile

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Method to Change the Jersey Number:

These are the following steps you can follow to get your task done. Give them a read!

  • Access the Squad or Team Management Section: Open the game FIFA Mobile on your device and open the management section from where your task can be done.
  • Select the Player: Search for the player whose jersey number you are willing to change.
  • Access Player Details: Now, look for the relevant details regarding the selected player by choosing the option “player’s details” in the FIFA game.
  • Edit Player Details: Along with the option of “player details”, there is another option for customizing the details. Select that option and edit the player’s details.
  • Change Jersey Number: Search for the option to change the jersey number in the details and put your desired number.
  • Save Changes: After making changes, do not forget to save the changes.
  • Confirm Changes: Now, to ensure that your data has been saved, confirm the changes you have made. Make sure that the jersey number has been successfully changed.
  • Exit and Check: Lastly, exit the player’s details and check on the gaming platform that the jersey number has changed.
Change the Jersey Number In FIFA Mobile

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Final Verdict 

The following aims to resolve the gamer’s issue with changing the jersey number in the FIFA Mobile MOD APK. The process of changing the number begins with getting access to the team management section and selecting the player to access the desired details regarding the player. Afterward, edit the player’s details and change the jersey number. Now, save the changes and confirm them to make sure that the task is completely done. For assurance, exit and check the practiced steps to ensure the confirmation.

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