How To Change a City in a Simcity Buildit? (Complete Guide)

SimCity Buildit is an exciting and unique type of gaming hub that lets you change your city and get an enhanced gaming experience on your mobile phone. Changing cities will be an exhilarating and challenging move to improve your knowledge. In this post, I’ll guide you on how you can change your city in SimCity Buildit. There could be several different reasons why you want to change your city like you want to start fresh, or wish to redesign your city.

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Aside from your motivation, it’s necessary to understand the procedure of changing the city in SimCity Buildit. Here’s the procedure to change the city in the SimCity Buildit.

How To Change a City in a Simcity Buildit

Link your account to a social media platform like Facebook, or Google Play Games to save your progress in the game. Through this, you can recover your city in the game if any errors occur during change. Ensure your resources are safely stored and inventory is empty during the transition. You have to finish any ongoing assignment and retain precious assets in the current city. It will help you prevent any interruption and change the city calmly without any worries. After doing all that, you can create a new city in the SimCity Buildit with much ease. Here is how you can do it.

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Open the SimCity Buildit on your device and tap the settings menu in the top right corner of the screen. Tap the “Create a New City” icon or something else available on your device. Select the location where you want to build your city and follow the given guidelines to create a new thriving city. Give a specific name to your city and choose its layout and design. You’ll have to go through a short-term tutorial to get familiar with the game when you are starting from scratch. Follow the given mentioned steps to set up your new city in the SimCity Buildit.

Complete Guide Change a City in a Simcity Buildit

Link your new city to the same account that you were using for your old city in the game. It will save your progress in the game and help you quickly recover your account in case when you reinstall this game. Simply go to the game`s menu in your new city, look for an option to link the game with your previous account, and choose any gaming platform. Sign into the account in your new city and it will start syncing your progress in the game. It will help you easily switch between old and new cities without any hassle.

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Congratulations! Now you have successfully changed your city in the game and can explore new cities in the SimCity BuildIt MOD APK. You can freely design your city according to your needs and take part in different challenges and quests. Keep in mind that changing cities in the SimCity Buildit Mod Apk can be challenging as well as exciting. So, take your time, plan your city`s layout, and build a new city to have fun with this adventurous game!

Change a City in a Simcity Buildit

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