How To Add Water in Simcity Buildit? (Complete Guide)

In this era, almost everyone loves the SimCity Buildit game as it keeps them invested and helps them improve their architectural intelligence. The game permits you to create a unique habitat for the citizens of your city and provide them with facilities to make them prosper. You will have to provide all basic resources to the citizens so they can live calmly.

How To Add Water in Simcity Buildit

Water is one of the necessities of life, and citizens can’t live without it. In SimCity Buildit, automatic water pipes are available under the road and you have to find water resources and supply them to all citizens to fulfill their needs. Here’s a detailed guide on how to add water in SimCity Buildit:

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How can you Add Water in SimCity Buildit?

Water is very essential for life, your citizens require fresh water and luckily there is a water table directly beneath your city roads. With the help of water-building tools in the toolbar, the map will show you the entire water table.

You should have to build your buildings in deep blue areas because by this you can get the most output. If you put your buildings in lower parts of the water table then you will have to replace it.

Add Water in Simcity Buildit

Water is the second service in the game which is unlocked from the very first level. Three buildings are available in the water tab which will help you get water in SimCity Buildit. Compared to other services, water buildings can be located anywhere as they are connected to the residential building through roads. Hence, depending upon its service demands every building requires a certain amount of water.

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Water Buildings in SimCity Buildit:

In the SimCity Buildit, three water buildings are available that will provide you with a sufficient amount of water.  These are listed below.

1- Basic Water Tower

Basic Water Tower

In the SimCity Buildit, the basic tower is the smallest water station. It is available after level 2 and has a lower unit price of 667 simoleons per unit.

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2- Water Pumping Station

Water pumping station

The water pumping station is the second biggest water station in the game which is available after reaching 15000 populations and has 818 simoleons per unit.

3- Omega Water Tower

Omega Water Tower

The Omega Water Tower is the largest water station in the game which is available after building 3 omega zones.


Summing up, SimCity Buildit is a fantastic gaming hub where you have to play the role of a mayor and facilitate your Sims with all basic resources to make them happy. Water is very important for life, and you have to provide enough water to the citizens to fulfill their needs. Above in this article, we have provided a comprehensive guide about adding water to SimCity Buildit. By following the above-described guidelines you can easily get water in SimCity Buildit. In addition, the Simcity Buildit MOD APK offers all unlocked resources and features for free, so you must check it out. I hope you`ll like this post. Thanks!

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