How To Use Expansion Permit in Hay Day? (Full Information)

Hay Day MOD APK is a fascinating android game containing amusing game modes and exciting farming mechanics that serve the players in their free time by keeping them fully engaged. This game is the most advanced fun hub loaded with versatile technically boosted expansion permits that let the players unlock the premium accessories and fantastic supplies. These supplies serve the players in terms of expanding their farm area to those premium Valley Shops that you wish to get.

How To Use Expansion Permit in Hay Day

It also includes special types of Derby rewards and charming fun collection that really remain appreciable in all the ways that can allocate a highly fascinated ouch to the player’s in-app journey. There are versatile fun stats that are included in it and remain really helpful for the players fun slot possession. Also, everything about getting and using these expansion permits in Hay Day is powerfully stated in this post. So, explore it and get all that is demanded to be known.

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Expansion Permit

Talking about the most powerful Hay Day supplies of all kinds of premium measures in them, the Expansion permit will be the one that can let you get maximized fun bars. These are premium suppliers with versatility and high fun possession that are unlocked at 25 farm level. The stats like 47 plus expansion areas with more than 29 premium quality decorations are possessed with this particular slot that are making it a nice Hay Day simulation slot to pick for free.

Use Expansion Permit in Hay Day

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Expansion Permits Obtained 

The expansion permit can be easily found in 25 farm levels along with versatile technically boosted in-game strategic ways that are mentioned in this section. The following options can be helpful in this respect.

  • Spinning fortune wheel
  • Unlocking mystery boxes
  • Partaking in special events
  • Derby rewards
  • Mod-level rewards
  • Valleys’ Shops

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How to Use Expansion Permit in Hay Day?

The expansion permit in Hay Day is usually an expansion scroll with red ribbon that is used with red mystery boxes packed in the form of gifts. These are majorly used in expanding your farm and are unlocked in the farm level 25 with more than 27 special lands and incredible farm decorations. The expansion permit is not stored in the barns rather the leveling up scheme above 25 levels is considered in it. There is also no direct slot to buy them nor any way to sell but few expertly suggested tips and ways to get the Hay Day expansion permit fast and the following are included in it.

  • Open the Hay Day simulation and navigate the mystery box, click to open it and claim the treasure chest that will lead you towards expansion permit. These treasure chests primarily get fully unlocked in town beach with 2 mystery boxes revelation to lead in leveling advancement.
  • Secondly the players can enter into the valley shop near the roadside and get the expansion permit after crossing farm level 25.
  • Also, the valley seasons are there to help get the expansion permit in case a player doesn’t have enough currency to purchase them.
  • Along with this, the aesthetically magnified farm pass season is allocated in the updated version of the Hay Day with a higher slot for mega rewards like expansion permit.
  • Moreover, spinning wheel, in game quests, global events, and versatile other slots are also there to help. So, use them and get expansion permits and use it to mark super decorative stats and higher fun slots to your gaming journey specially in expanding your farms.
Own Expansion Permit in Hay Day

Final Words

Summing up, the Hay Day expansion permit is carrying a next level fun perfection along with a fair chance of getting advanced in farm possession in terms of area and decorations. With respect to the high-rise demand, there lies greater demand for it along with a confusion about How to Use Expansion Permit in Hay Day. For this, we have stated some of the most thrilling and strategically magnified fun slots for the Hay Day Expansion permit whether it is about its usage or about the ways to get these permits fast. Everything is just perfectly in place to let you know all. So, get help from this post and explore all the required stats with perfected solute in the form of elaborated stats on them.

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