How To Get Chick Vouchers in Hay Day? (Full Guide)

If you are a Hay Day simulation player and want to get amused from the perfected in-game animal purchases, perfected decorations, and high-rise customizations then this post will prove to be the real asset for you. There are perfected in-game currencies to help the players purchase the desired asset they want to get along with other premium stats in it. Also, to play the Hay Day MOD APK with full freedom and evolved fun in it, this post can do magic for you.

How To Get Chick Vouchers in Hay Day

Here, we have stated the guide about how to get chick vouchers in Hay Day along with the motive of accessing these specific types of vouchers and their usage, along with this, all the related stats and the pro tips are very well elaborated for the professional magnified fun possession for the player’s in-game experience. All-in-all, an amusing fun slot is elaborated in this post along with the expert stats involved in it. So, read this post and know all that is needed to be known.

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Chick Vouchers

Talking about the premium Hay Day currencies, the chick vouchers stand at its peak for the exceptional animal purchase mechanics and magnified fun slot involvement in the gameplay. It is all really nice and amusing to get them unlocked and enjoy making purchases for the pets and animals along with some of the thrilling farm decorations with amplified customizations in them. There are also types of these vouchers that are determined on the basis of their color and it includes green, blue, purple, and gold color for this slot. All-in-all, the role of the chick vouchers in the Hay Day gameplay stands at its peak for the evolving fun range and maximized animal purchase mechanism.

Chick Vouchers in Hay Day

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How to Get Chick Vouchers in Hay Day: Methods and Tips

Are you concerned about how to get chick vouchers in Hay Day and want to know some of the expertly suggested ways to get it done? If yes then get ready to collect the desired range of chick vouchers by the professional suggested tips and tricks mentioned in this post. It is all highly effective and admirable to get the adorable animals in this simulation along with all the admirable fun collection. So, explore the ways and get this brand new currency for free.

How to Get Chick Vouchers in Hay Day - Methods and Tips


  • Spinning wheel
  • In-game events
  • Global events
  • Ask from friends
  • Completing ship and boat orders

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  • All the info related to the chick vouchers is presented to the players in October 2021 launch and are accessible now.
  • The chick vouchers that are special kind of rewards can be accessed in both free and paid farm pass roads and are highly demanded in terms of getting the birds and animals. The players can get them in both premium and free farm pass roads.
  • These are also accessible with diamonds that demand nothing but to go to the Hay Day shop and get them by paying diamonds. It requires 15 diamonds to get a green chick voucher, 50 for the purple one, and 80 for a golden chick voucher.
  • If you depend on the Hay Day seasons to get chick vouchers, you will only get only 1 and 2 in case of the premium road purchase.
  • The chick vouchers are obtained with farm passes but with no announced sale price and no determined value rather all estimated.


These are the most effective ways that can help you get the vouchers in the Hay Day simulation but the point to be noted here is that while taking help from the friends or asking for their help you need a stable internet connection.

Final Words

To sum up, the chick vouchers play a key role in animal and bird purchases in the Hay Day simulation along with offering some of the highly magnified decorations and thrilling customizations. But the players seem questioning about how to get chick vouchers in hay day simulation and seem really concerned about it. For this, we have stated some of the key slots along with the expertly suggested guide about it that will definitely lead the players towards their desired point. So, get help from this guide and get it all done on your clicks for free.

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