How To Set VPN on a Router? (Completed Guide)

A VPN is a virtual private network that keeps your personal info secret and hides your data on computers and other gadgets. You can use a VPN on your router to keep all devices safe at once. In this blog; we will tell you how you can set up a VPN on the router and make your internet stuff secret. But before setting up a VPN on the router, you need to check some things. Let’s have a look at them.

How To Set VPN on a Router
  • Check Compatibility Between VPN and Router: You have to make sure your VPN and router match up with each other. As if they will do then it will work best.
  • Use Special Software: If your routers can’t work with VPN, then you need to choose special software like OpenWrt. Remember it takes some time and effort but provides lots of additional features, and benefits.
  • Get a Different Router: If you can’t set up VPNs on the router and can’t add special software then you need to get another router that supports VPN.
  • Check Your VPN Data Limit: Make sure your VPN has enough data limit and you can use unlimited data to watch videos, movies, and other content.

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Steps to Set Up VPN on the Router:

  • Enter your IP address and open the settings of the router in a Web browser
  • Now you need to give your admin password and set up
  • Go to advanced features and find the VPN option in the settings
  • If special software is required, then install it from the website. If it does not work then OpenWrt will work best with your router.
  • Put the accurate settings (that your VPN provider will offer to you)
  • You can go with an OpenVPN config instead of typing everything
  • Finish every setting in your device to set up VPN on the router
  • Once all is done, check your VPN is connected to the router and then move to the next step to confirm your VPN works

Using a VPN on the router is a bit tricky and requires effort but due to the availability of unique features VPN app doesn’t matter much in this case. Many amazing VPN mods with high-quality VPN services and enhanced functionality are available with easy-to-follow guidelines. If you face any type of issues then you can take help from customer support. Here we have come up with the top best VPN mods that work perfectly with home routers.

Steps to Set Up VPN on the Router

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NordVPN MOD APK is an awesome app that allows you to keep your internet connection secure and all data private, the same as Hotspot Shield MOD APK. This app comes with full assurance and works best with all devices even in home routers. By following a few simple above-mentioned guidelines you can set your VPN on the router. If you have Asus, QNAP, or Synology routers, then these guidelines will definitely prove helpful for you.

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Thunder VPN MOD APK for Android makes it easy for you to stay safe online and perform various activities without any fear of getting tracked by hackers. Using a secure VPN connection you can have a great time online and enjoy a lot. Using this VPN mod, you can bypass all restrictions and gain access to blocked movies and websites with ease.

Moreover, the application offers smooth and fast internet services without any loading and lagging issues. It is quite user-friendly and does not contain complex procedures, so you can have a wonderful experience with it.

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Express VPN MOD APK is a remarkable VPN that enables you to easily connect to safe and reliable connections without paying anything the same as SurfShark VPN MOD APK. This app is created to work best with all devices, so you will have a nice experience while playing games and watching content in it. It’s a very fast and reliable VPN server that helps you in making your experience exactly how you like.


In this blog, we have provided a complete guide about how to set a VPN on the router to help you out. If you follow the above given guidelines then you can easily do so without any hustle. Hope it will remain helpful for you. Thanks!

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