How Do I Sell Omega Items in Simcity Buildit? (Full Guide)

SimCity is a fantastic simulation game that has 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store. It contains a huge beautiful city of dreams where you can construct various buildings, establish streets, build airports, and do a lot more things to turn your imagination into reality. In the Simcity Buildit MOD APK, you can use various tools, and machinery for building and upgrading purposes.

How Do I Sell Omega Items in Simcity Buildit

Along with this, you can also build omega houses using omega items in the game, as omega items are used in upgrading omega residential buildings and homes. If you have omega items in sufficient amounts and want to sell them but don’t know what you can do, then don’t worry. Today, in this post we will tell you how to sell omega items in SimCity Buildit.

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What are Omega Items?

Omega items are very important in SimCity Buildit, which can be used to upgrade residential houses in the game. The omega items are listed below.

  • Jet Pack 
  • Ultra-wave Oven
  • Holo Projector
  • Telepad
  • Robopet
  • Cry fusion Chamber
  • 4D Printer
What are Omega Items

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How to Sell Omega Items in SimCity Buildit?

You cannot sell omega items in Trade Depot or Neon Mall as they are specifically designed for Omega Zones. However, you will receive offers from neighboring mayors to sell omega items from time to time. When you see a bubble on the top of your omega services building, tap on it and your future city advisor will tell you what other mayor wants to buy. Tap the “Accept” icon to sell or the “No Thanks” icon to reject the sale.

Omega Items in Simcity Buildit

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Above in this post, we have provided you with a comprehensive guide about how to sell omega items in SimCity Buildit. After reading this post, you can easily learn about selling omega items in SimCity Buildit. I hope you like this post. Thanks!

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