How To Earn More Simoleons in SimCity BuildIt? (Full Guide)

SimCity Buildit is an exciting simulation game in which your main goal is to grow your city and keep citizens happy. Here, you will need Simoleons (common in-game currency) to expand your city and buy premium items in the game. Sim Cash is also in-game currency but it is so rare and can be used for upgrading and crafting purposes.  After completing achievements in the game you can earn this currency as a reward.

How To Earn More Simoleons in SimCity BuildIt

However, you can earn Simoleons by several different ways like collecting taxes, upgrading buildings, bonus rewards, and more. The modified SimCity BuildIt MOD APK gives unlimited currency for free which you can utilize to purchase premium in-game items. In this blog, we are going to show you some ways to earn Simoleons in SimCity Buildit. So, let’s get started with it.

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1- Collect Taxes

Collect Taxes

Collecting taxes from citizens will help you get Simoleons without any effort. The game lets you collect taxes in city halls, and grocery stores the entire day without any restrictions. The amount you gather from citizens depends on the population of your city. The more people live in your SimCity, the more Simoleons you will get.

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2- Upgrade Buildings

Upgrade Buildings

Upgrading buildings is one of the most excellent methods of earning Simoleons. In this, you have to upgrade different buildings and skyscrapers that are ready to upgrade. After building and upgrading, a huge amount of Simoleons will be given to you. The more you upgrade buildings, the more you get Simoleons. So, try to upgrade huge buildings and get more Simoleons.

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3- Trade Depot

Trade Depot

Trade depot is also one of the ways of earning Simoleons in SimCity Buildit. The game allows you to craft various items and sell them at Trade Depot to earn Simoleons and SimCash. If you craft costly items and sell them then you will earn lots of Simoleons which will help you purchase various in-game items.

4- Daily Bonus

Daily Bonus

In SimCity Buildit, you will get a chance to earn Simoleons through the daily bonus. For this, you have to play this game every day and collect valuable rewards in daily bonuses. In these rewards, you will get gold chests which give you Simoleons or SimCash.

5- Sim Offers

Sim Offers

Sim Offers is another method to get Simoleons in SimCity Buildit as you have to complete offers in your entire day. This method is also called burger farming, where you will be asked to buy particular things from your catalog and get Simoleons as a reward. Through this method, you can also sell burgers and earn more Simoleons in it.


Summing Up, SimCity Buildit is a fantastic simulation game that keeps you engaged with its unique gameplay and colorful HD graphics. In this post, we have provided a comprehensive guide on how to earn Simoleons in SimCity Buildit. You have to follow the above-mentioned methods and then you can easily earn Simoleons through it. Also, the latest version of SimCity Buildit Mod Apk is available which gives unlimited everything for free!

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