How To Change Name In FIFA Mobile? (Complete Guide)

Are you looking for an easy and accurate procedure to change the name of a FIFA mobile game? If yes then, you will surely be happy after giving our website a quick read! We are here to assist in changing the name on your profile in FIFA Mobile MOD APK. you are just required to follow the following steps to get your desired task done in just a few seconds. Let’s explore and practice the given steps together! 

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How To Change Name In FIFA Mobile

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Steps to Change the Name in the FIFA Mobile Game:

  • Open the Game: First of all, you are required to launch your favorite game FIFA Mobile Mod APK on your phone to proceed with the process.
  • Navigate to Settings: Now, you need to open the “settings” option most often available at the left corner of the gaming platform or location depending upon the version of the game. Move your cursor to this option and open it to move to the next step.
  • Find “Account” or “Profile”: Here in this option, you will find the information about your account or profile that you made for the game. This option contains the personal information of the gamer or user. This particular option will let you make the desirable changes in your personal information such as your name. 
  • Locate “Change name” or “Similar”: On showing interest in changing the name in a FIFA Mobile game, you will get the option of “change name”. Click on this particular option. 
  • Enter Name: Now, you can enter the new name you want to go for to appear on your gaming screen. While entering the new name, make sure to follow all the instructions regarding the addition of uppercase, lowercase, or digits to avoid inconvenience. 
  • Save the Changes: After entering the name, save or confirm your changes. Preview the profile to ensure the exact name appears on the screen. 

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Steps to Change the Name in the FIFA Mobile Game

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Final Verdict 

This article provides the steps and procedures to change the name of a FIFA mobile game. All the gamers are required to open the FIFA game on their phones and find the “setting” option to proceed further. Under this option, find the account’s profile and look for the “change name” option under it. Enter the new name and save the changes.

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