FIFA Mobile New Event 2024-2024 (Complete Events Schedule)

Are you inquisitive to know about the FIFA mobile new event? If yes then, get ready to participate in all the upcoming events featured by FIFA Mobile Mod APK as we are bringing you a complete schedule of all events that are going to take place in your favorite game! So, do not miss a chance to have endless fun in all the events while playing football and get your hands on your desired details in the information given below!

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FIFA Mobile New Event

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New Event Guide in FIFA Mobile Game

To keep the players entertained and engrossed in the immersive gameplay, the FIFA mobile game regularly comes up with extremely exciting tasks to accomplish. This football game features Challenges Mode UCL Tournament regularly so that gamers can get something exhilarating in each challenging event. Crazy football lovers would be pleased to participate and make progress in such remarkable events as they are comprised of highly competitive teams standing against each other to kick a goal. 

New Event Guide in FIFA Mobile Game

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Upcoming Event in FIFA Mobile Game

Upcoming Event in FIFA Mobile Game

The following is the upcoming event going to happen in this particular football game FIFA Mobile to entertain football lovers:

  • Winter Fest Event: The FIFA Mobile game is going to present the Winter Fest event which consists of daily challenges and quests. Virtual footballers will be required to accomplish daily tasks, milestones, and competitive quests to win the scores or presents. Gamers with exceptional performance will get presents ranging from high to low, that is Bronze to silver to gold, followed by Elite and then Master rank to earn the maximum scores. 
Oct 26, 2024UCL: Group Stage
October 30, 2024Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
November, 2024Mystery Signings
Dec 15, 2024Football Freeze
Jan 18, 2024Lunar
Feb 03, 2024TOTY
Feb 09, 2024Carniball
Feb 14, 2024Heartbreakers
Mar 28, 2024Easter
Apr 07, 2024Top Transfer
Apr 21, 2024Spring Showdown
May 11, 2024TOTS
June 13, 2024UTOTS
June 16, 2024Flashbacks
Jun 30, 2024Treasure Hunt
Jul 15, 2024Summer Vacation
July 27, 2024Retro Stars
August, 2024Preseason

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Final Verdict 

The following article contains information regarding a new event in the FIFA Mobile game to excite virtual footballers. Based on the research done above, we have found that FIFA mobile games feature Daily Challenge UCl tournaments with particular goals to accomplish. Moreover, it is also going to bring a Winter Fest event that will entertain the gamers with its daily milestones, quests, and tasks to reward them with scores and ranks.

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