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April 21, 2024






Android 4.4 and up


49 MB

ER WhatsApp is the most functional application for worldwide conversation with global features as empowering blocks. Unlike other modified apps, it is authorized with triumphing features that can beat other applications with a certainty of winning. Several hidden features with historical themes and modes are available in this application. It is incompatible with the privacy terms and secure chatting environment feasibility. It is a fully authorized application with anti-banned units and strongly optimized programmability. It is built with a strong motive and is fully capable of delivering incredibly powerful performance with its globally adapted features that cannot be enjoyed with simple WhatsApp. There is no match for ER WhatsApp when we get into immense work efficiency, customizability, and user-friendly experience. So, for unbeatable privacy log, triumphing features, and auto-update system download the latest ER WhatsApp apk from our website. 

NameER WhatsApp APK
Updated on3 hours ago
Size49 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.4 and up
Offered ByErtugrul
Rating(4.6/5) 4298 Votes

Additional Info about ER WhatsApp:

ER WhatsApp APK is built with a friendly interface and with a powerful motive of doing all with one application. It is obvious from the app’s name that is proposed after the name of a Muslim sultan “Ertgrul Gazi” that the developers have tailored this app as per present time needs and just like the sultan’s triumphing powers they want to win the hearts of the users with a grand mark. It is fully functional with pro features and also free to use. It is fully secure to use and install without any rooting. Likewise, it is providing full support to get social and avoid boredom with amazing UI design. All in all, the ER WhatsApp apk is the latest modified messaging application with precious features just like indycall mod apk.

ER WhatsApp APK Cover
ER WhatsApp APK Cover

ER WhatsApp Features

It is the feasibility of the cracked features that distinguishes a modified app from the simple one by making it more user-friendly and multipurpose with the latest features. To know about the features that ER WhatsApp offers let’s read about the following.

  • Anti-Revoke and Anti-Banned
  • Messaging Modes
  • Privacy and Security Support
  • Multiple Languages and Themes
  • Enhanced Manual

Anti-Revoke and Anti-Banned

Anti-Revoke and Anti-Banned
Anti-Revoke and Anti-Banned

The Ertgrul Whatsapp is fully protected with an anti-banned feature that keeps a user’s account safe from getting banned. No update can hit your account because it is supported with an in-built ban and error fixing unit. Also, there is an anti-revoke option that proves to be helpful in getting what others have made invisible to you. With this, no one can delete chat for you as it doesn’t allow others to undo a sent message just like 5000 followers apk.

Messaging Modes

Messaging Modes
Messaging Modes

Unlike the simple Whatsapp where we send messages without any recalling option, in ER WhatsApp we can recall all the sent messages. Not only this, but also we can schedule to send messages on special events at a selected time and date. Also, if you find it difficult during duty hours to get the time and reply to someone then by ER WhatsApp you can send an auto-reply to all your loved ones. Likewise, no one can delete any message as it makes all messages available to you even if it is unsent by the sender. It makes the following additional messaging modes available to you. You can also download now chamet mod apk from our website.

  • Auto-Reply
  • Copy paste
  • Anti-deleted messages
  • Schedule messages

Privacy and Security Support

Privacy and Security Support
Privacy and Security Support

Whether it is bout freezing blue ticks, the last scene, or you want to hide them from some selected people or the whole list, everything will be at your fingertips with this ER WhatsApp apk. Hiding important conversations from others is another in-demand feature that we all want to get. So, it can also be attained with ER WhatsApp. You can set a password on your WhatsApp and protect it from others’ access. You can avail yourself of the following.

  • Hide status
  • Blue ticks
  • Read messages without letting the sender know
  • Hide Typing and Recording
  • Last scene

Multiple Languages and Themes

Multiple Languages and Themes
Multiple Languages and Themes

If you want to get into some historic themes then you must download the ER WhatsApp ios apk. It will take you into the sultan’s era with its thrilling unlimited themes library. There are thousands of thrilling themes that can be expanded further by downloading new or creating novel ones. You can decorate your whole app with these freshen themes on daily basis and can enjoy several innovative phases. You can change the interface and appearance of your phone with multiple colors, fonts, and themes and modernize the following. We also recommend you to download Cyber Whatsapp.

  • Add new themes to the home screen
  • Interface
  • Background
  • Conversational bar
  • Status screen
  • Apps icons
  • Status screen
  • Call history

By adding a new theme collection to all above mentioning options you can add a fun-fetching and stylish touch to your mostly used conversational app. In addition to this, you can select among several language options as follows.

  • Urdu
  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

Enhanced Manual

Enhanced Manual
Enhanced Manual

Upload status or send any file, video, and images with an enhanced uploading bar. It allows you to add more characters or words to your status that is limited to only 130 words. By this, you can exceed 225 words limit which is more than enough for a status requirement. Along with this, you can download others’ status no matter how much longer it is. Its enhanced sharing manual is not restricted to only status but also you can send and receive large-size files, videos, and images up to 100 MBs in length. Moreover, its enhanced uploading manual allows you to.

  • Expand status words above 225
  • Download other’s status
  • Share and receive large-size videos, files, and images
  • Send attachments
  • Avail DND option

How to Download and Install ER WhatsApp APK?

  • Firstly, click on the link given below to download the ER WhatsApp APK
  • After Downloading it, Allow other sources install from your mobile settings and get it installed.
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
  • After the installation process is done, you can easily log in to it with your phone number.
log in to it with your phone number
log in to it with your phone number

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is the ER WhatsApp apk available for free?

Yes, when you download the ER WhatsApp apk from our site’s link we direct the installation process for free.

Can I use ER WhatsApp on PC?

You can use the ER WhatsApp apk on any of your devices without any problem. Being a safe and secure application it can be installed on PCs, tablets, and on your smartphones.

Do I need to pay for themes on ER WhatsApp apk?

No, you can get quick access to all the adopted features of ER WhatsApp just by installing it. So, no need of paying for themes or any other mod feature.


The ER WhatsApp apk frees you from all the assigned restriction that you face in a simple WhatsApp and uplift you to go out of the box. By this, you can upload any type of status by keeping it off from unwanted contacts and you can schedule, anti-revoke, or read unsent messages. Not only this but also, you can lock your application, expand sharing manual, and switch languages. Overall, the ER WhatsApp apk is worth downloading for an enhanced user experience.

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