How To Earn XP in CarX Street? (Complete Information)

Upgrading your cars in Carx Street requires XP, so how to earn Xp fast? Like other racing games, Carx Street has an upgrade and leveling-up system that allows you to improve the working performance of your vehicles and make them more stunning. But before applying various upgrades in your vehicles, XP is required to level up in the game. There is no shortcut to earn xp in the Carx Street game. In this blog, we will show you some ways to earn xp faster in Carx Street.

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How To Earn XP in CarX Street

What is Carx Street?

Carx Street is an outstanding racing simulation game with many advanced features and characteristics. The game was developed by Carx Technologies LLC and has gained enormous success since its release. It contains attractive 3D graphics and high-quality visual effects to give players an immersive racing experience. You can freely drive your favorite sports car in an open-world environment and challenge real-world players to compete with you. Be careful while racing, as competition will be tough and challenging. 

What is Carx Street

Moreover, you will enjoy different game modes in Carx Street that are being added to make the gameplay more engaging. You will see beautifully designed racing tracks in the Carx Street game and have a lot of fun with it. Besides, you will earn money, coins, and XP in the game which will help you level up faster in the game. Many people love bike racing games and if you are among them, then you can also check Real Moto 2 MOD APK.

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Best Ways to Earn XP Faster in CarX Street:

We have provided some tips and tricks to help you earn XP faster in the Carx Street game so that you can level up in this racing game. So, let’s get started with it.

Complete Single-Player Races

Complete Single-Player Races

The best way to earn XP quicker in Carx Street is by participating in single-player races and driving to the race points. Rewards will be provided to you according to your performance and scores in races. The higher the score you achieve the more the XP you will earn.

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Drift on Challenging Tracks

Drift on Challenging Tracks

Another way to earn Xp is by drifting on racing tracks, another new challenge where your driving skills will be tested during a section of racing. Driving on various tracks will be difficult as these are full of hurdles and obstacles so act like a pro and overcome all challenges gracefully.  Due to your good performance, you will be rewarded with XP which will help you to level up faster in the game.

Complete Objectives

Complete Objectives

There are different ways to earn XP in Carx Street, including overtaking other cars, clean driving, completing racing missions, and more. You must get behind the wheel, join races, and complete hard tasks to accumulate as much XP as possible to level up and upgrade your cars fast and efficiently.

What’s New in the CarX Street App?

  • New currency packs have been added to it
  • FF4, Z40 and P91 are available
  • 39 new participants in all clubs
  • An odometer is available
  • Bugs fixing issues have been resolved


Carx Street is one of the top-rated racing simulation games that provide its players the most thrilling and engaging gaming experience on their Android phones. It is suitable for both Android phones and IOS devices so everyone can enjoy it anytime, anywhere without any hustle. In this blog, we have briefly described the ways for earning XP in Carx Street which will prove helpful for you. Also, download the modded version of CarX Street MOD APK with unlocked premiums from our website.

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