How To Demolish Buildings in Simcity Buildit? (Full Guide)

SimCity Buildit is a fantastic gaming hub that lets you manage and build your city in a way that is beautiful yet functional for Sims. It comes with lots of amazing features and traits which include building a city, adding life to the city, and wonderful graphics. You have to properly plan for the city’s infrastructure and make it according to your wishes.

How To Demolish Buildings in Simcity Buildit

One of the most amazing aspects of the game is the ability to demolish buildings. This can be done for several reasons, like when they are old and you want to replace them with new ones. If you don’t know how to do it then you can get help from us. In this post, we will guide you on how you can demolish buildings in SimCity Buildit.

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How can you Demolish Buildings in SimCity Buildit?

To demolish a building, you have to select a bulldoze icon from the top right corner of your mobile screen and then tap on the “Confirmation” button to approve your decision. If you have spent any amount of money in building then you can also get that back.

How do you demolish buildings in Simcity Buildit

Similarly, you can demolish buildings differently, you have to press and hold the building that you want to destroy and then tap the bulldoze icon that is available on the top right side. Now freely rebuild any park, building, or something else of your choice. But remember that, gobbling residential buildings will reduce your population in the game.

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Reasons to Demolish Buildings in SimCity Buildit:

There are many reasons why you should demolish buildings in SimCity Buildit, like the building is too old or in disrepair and you don’t like its look. Whatever the reason is, the best aspect of demolishing buildings is that you can earn lots of symbols from them. The more buildings you will bulldoze, the more simoleons you will earn.

Reasons to Demolish Buildings in SimCity Buildit

Another big reason to demolish buildings is to clear space for new development. If your city has become overcrowded with old buildings then you can demolish a few of them and make space for the construction of new buildings. By this, you can keep your city fresh and increase your city’s economy. This will also help you build new and better buildings in the city without any hustle. In addition, the Simcity Buildit MOD APK provides infinite money and coins to you for the construction of new buildings to make your city more beautiful.

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SimCity Buildit is an amazing Android game that lets you demolish your old and disrepair buildings in the game and construct new ones at that place. By this, you can get simoleons that you have spent on the original building and use them for the construction of new buildings. Above we have provided you with the information about demolishing buildings in the SimCity Buildit. If you follow the above given guide then you can easily demolish buildings without any difficulties. Hope this guide will be helpful for you to follow and enjoy demolishing and constructing buildings.

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