How To Build Big Ben in Simcity Buildit? (Full Guide)

Many people love to play simulation and strategy games because they are so exciting and challenging to play. SimCity Buildit is a unique type of gaming hub that allows you to play the role of a mayor in the game and you will be responsible for everything in the virtual city, from construction to taxation. There are numerous projects to complete in the Simcity BuildIt MOD APK. Also, building Big Ben is one of the most remarkable landmarks that you can add to your city. If you don’t know how you can build Big Ben, then you don’t need to worry because today, we will provide you with a complete guide on building Big Ben in SimCity Buildit. So, read the complete article and know how you can easily build Big Ben in SimCity Buildit.

How To Build Big Ben in Simcity Buildit

1- Level Up Your City

Level Up Your City

To build Big Ben in SimCity Buildit, you need to reach a particular level in the game. Typically, you should reach level 24 to start working on Big Ben. Ensure your city is well-built with sufficient resources and population.

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2- Expand Your Land

Expand Your Land

Ensure your city has enough space to start construction as space will be required to accommodate Big Ben in SimCity Buildit.

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3- Gather Resources

Gather Resources

In the SimCity Buildit, you have to gather a specific set of resources which includes, 75000 Simoleons, 75 Platinum keys, and 250 Neo Simoleons.

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4- Upgrade Other Landmarks

Upgrade Other Landmarks

You must have to upgrade other London landmarks before starting construction. These include the London Eye, Tower Bridge, and more.

5- Check Storage and Resources

Check Storage and Resources

To hold resources for Big Ben, ensure you have enough space storage in the SimCity Buildit. If you still need resources then upgrade the storage facilities for Big Ben.

6- Save Simoleons

Save NeoSimoleons

Simoleons are very important in SimCity Buildit, so you have to save them up. However, spend them on purchasing essential items only and avoid wasting them on unnecessary items.

7- Plan Your Layout

Plan Your Layout

It’s necessary to plan your layout in the SimCity Buildit. So, plan where you want to place your Big Ben in the game considering the aesthetic and functionality.

8- Start Construction

Start Construction

Once you have met all the requirements in the SimCity Buildit, it’s time to start Big Ben`s construction. This will be a time-consuming process, so be patient.

9- Upgrade Big Ben

Upgrade Big Ben

Various upgrade levels are available in Big Ben, each requiring specific time and additional resources. By upgrading Big Ben, you can enhance its overall functionality and appearance.

10- Collect Rewards

Collect Rewards

As Big Ben levels up in the game, lots of rewards and prizes will be provided to your virtual city in the form of increased population, additional resources, and more.  

11- Main City Happiness

Maintain City Happiness

To complete your Big Ben project, make sure your city is well-balanced and Sims are living a happy life. A prosperous city will help you get more taxes, and resources which will help you in completing your Big Ben project.

12- Be Patient

Be Patient

Building Big Ben is a time-consuming process and requires dedication and persistence. So, with proper planning and patience, you can get this iconic landmark in your city.


SimCity Buildit is among the most fascinating gaming hubs that allow you to build Big Ben in your virtual city. In this article, we have provided detailed information about the requirements that you need to fulfill to build a Big Ben in SimCity. If you follow the above described steps then you can easily build a Big Ben without any difficulty. This guide will definitely prove helpful for you so follow it, build Big Ben, and enjoy the thrill and excitement of this game!

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