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April 16, 2024






Android 4.0 and up


4 MB

The ZArchiver Pro Apk is a devotedly developed file manager that is decorated with all the necessary utility tools, items, and accessories to offer a magnified file managing measure to its users. The latest version of the app is made a highly configurable construct with legally emphasized modulations and optimized working. It allows the users to compress or decompress their files along with creating multiple archive files in the desired format whether it be ZIP, XZ, ZSTD, or others. Additionally, multiple magnetic features and fantastically added modes are also allotted in this app. So, get the latest version of the ZArchiver Pro Apk on your android device for free and edit your files at uplifted ease.

NameZArchiver Pro APK
Updated on4 Hours Ago
Size4 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.0 and up
Offered ByZDevs
MOD InfoPaid for Free
Rating(4.8/5) 126479 Votes

About ZArchiver Pro Apk

Are looking for a professionally developed file-managing tool for your android device? If your answer is yes then you have come to the right spot. We have covered the ever-best file manager in this article that can compress or decompress your files along with allocating them to the desired formative slot. Whether it be the ZIP, 7ZIP, or XZ formats or the LZ4, BZ2, and ZSTD you can enjoy unlimited archive formats along with multiple unzip formats too which is an impressive facet of this application. We also recommend you to download x8 speeder apk.

About ZArchiver Pro Apk
About ZArchiver Pro Apk

Additionally, the files can be augmented in protection by allocating the passcode to them and then by the safe and free generating mechanics these are used with supreme control. The users can use it without any cost-related manual and also create versatile modded forms of their files. Likewise, for the easy archiving process, its usage, and archive modding modes, the ZArchiver Pro Apk stands at its peak and has gained worldwide popularity. So, download this pro-pack archiving manual on your android device by clicking the mentioned download link and enjoy editing your file. In addition, now you can also download lulubox pro apk.



I have been using the pro version of the ZArchiver Pro Apk for 2 years and I am fully satisfied with the functionality and features of this application. This app has never left me disappointed in terms of the file archiving manual but proves to be the real helper whenever a file needed to be compressed, decompressed, or edited. I have had a pleasant user experience with this app too but with its latest update, I am facing a slowed-down processing manual that is irritating me. Being a lover of this app, its lacks are irritating me and I want my old version back with its smooth and fully paved working. Otherwise, the app is just an amazing file compressor as well as a decompressor at the same which is making our file managing task much easy and free from hassles.

Features of ZArchiver Pro Apk 2024

The ZArchiver Pro Apk offers unlimited pro features that are successfully covered in this article. So, let’s know about them.

  • Free Archive Files Modification
  • Optimized Processing
  • Passcode Security Slot
  • Multiple Themes and Formats
  • Non-Interrupting Working

Free Archive Files Modification

Free Archive Files Modification
Free Archive Files Modification

Do you want to modify your archive file for free? For sure your answer will be yes as it is the hottest demand of the present time for our educational, business, and office file modulation. For this, ZDev has developed and furnished the ZArchiver Pro Apk will all the required measures and accessories that are allowing the users to get the free archive file modulation in their android device.

Optimized Processing

Optimized Processing
Optimized Processing

One of the amazing facets of the latest version of the ZArchiver Pro Apk is that it offers the optimized processing measure to its users that make it work faster and deliver speedy results which is also a demanded facet of this app. So, a firm and fast archiving application.

Passcode Security Slot

Passcode Security Slot
Passcode Security Slot

The ZArchiver Pro Apk delivers an amazing performance in terms of the security slots that are mounted by the passcode allocation and offer safe and secure working models. Additionally, the files are then saved with superior perfection and protection which is also an impressive facet of this app.

Multiple Themes and Formats

Multiple Themes and Formats
Multiple Themes and Formats

In addition to a safe and free file archiving process, the ZArchiver Pro Apk also comes with multiple themes and formats offer that also do great in terms of editing slots. Unlimited archive formats for file compression along with decompression and unzipping are also there to astonish the users with their performance. In addition, now you can also download app cloner mod apk.

Non-Interrupting Working

Non-Interrupting Working
Non-Interrupting Working

For further accuracy and a pleasant user experience, the ZArchiver Pro Apk offers its users to enjoy a non-interrupting working mechanism that means no lagging issues, no leading issues, and no promotional page pop-ups. In addition to this unlimited magnified facets are also allocated in this app where better file creation is ensured and all of these are also worth mentioning. So, let’s know about them too.

  • Create desired format folders
  • Lock your folders
  • Get unlimited pro features unlocked
  • Perform successful file operations
  • Enjoy heightened customizability

How To Download The ZArchiver Pro APK Latest Version:

To download the modified version of this app, you just have to follow some steps that are listed below.

  • If you want to download the modded version of ZArchiver Pro APK, you can get it from our website.
  • Now, go to the security settings of your mobile and enable the unknown sources option.
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
  • After that, click on the download button and enjoy this amazing app on your devices.
App Installed
App Installed

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Which archive formats is the ZArchiver Pro Apk is offering for file compression?

The ZArchiver Pro Apk is offering unlimited files compressing formats such as ZIP, 7ZIP, and XZ formats along with LZ4, BZ2, and ZSTD which are more than enough to satisfy the user’s needs.

Can we decompress and unzip our file with ZArchiver Pro Apk?

Yes, for sure, you can easily decompress or unzip your files with the help of the latest version ZArchiver Pro Apk and that too with versatile supportive formats.

Is the ZArchiver Pro Apk free to download?

Yes, for sure, the ZArchiver Pro Apk is a 100% free app that can be easily downloaded from our website link.

Final Verdict

An eloquent manifestation of the biggest file archiving tool in the world is given in this article with a detailed set of info about its features and working that successfully let the users know about this trending file compressing hub. This is more than a compressor but also works successfully to decompress and unzip the files of the users along with suggested format allocation to them. Additionally, it is free to download and also very effective to use with superlative security along with a passcode allocation to users’ files. All-in-all, the ZArchiver Pro Apk is a suggested utility tool to be downloaded for android devices. We also recommend you to download wps office mod apk.

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