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March 5, 2024




Nairton Silva


Android 4.3 and up


48.9 MB

NSWhatsApp APK is among the most widely used apps. It is the most commonly used messaging service, with more than a billion users. Even while it has many of the same features as the official WhatsApp, there are a surprising number of additional ones. Although we have offered a link to download the NSWhatsApp here, you are fortunate.

NameNSWhatsapp 3D APK
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Size48.9 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.3 and up
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In contrast, WhatsApp has its own set of rules and restrictions regarding security. For example, people can send approximately 20 MB of multimedia on the official WhatsApp. With these constraints in consideration, some different variations of WhatsApp have been released that can provide users with extra capabilities and choices. One of them is NS WhatsApp. As a result, thousands of customizable options are available in the greatest texting app, which you will like.

However, the social smartphone apps have become commonplace in today’s technologically advanced world. The applications are created to satisfy users’ needs and assist them in any manner feasible.

NSWhatsapp 3D APK

Similarly, certain applications are designed to be entertaining and enjoyable. For example, NSWhatsApp is a social platform designed to keep people together. It’s a communication software with many extra functions like file transfers, audio and visual calls, etc.

What makes NSWhatsApp 3D unique?

Whatsap has lack numerous UI customization tools. However, the NSWhatsApp 3D is indeed the ideal choice if you want a stunning UI and enjoy the design of an app since you can edit it and make it seem exactly how you choose.

There are several enhancements as well, such as improved privacy protection settings. Please keep reading to learn more about NSWhatsApp APK and its characteristics.

NSWhatsApp 3D might not include as many capabilities as other mods. Still, you can be assured that you will never lose your membership if you use it. And it was created solely to change the UI.

Highlights of NSWhatsApp

  • NSWhatsapp is an ANTI-Ban
  • Easy to update
  • You can easily hide status, ticks, typing, and other privacy.
  • Moreover, there is an option of custom chats
  • You can schedule messages
  • Auto reply to messages.
  • Exciting Themes
  • Eye-Catching Fonts
  • DND mode
  • Ease to hide chat icon
  • Communication cards
  • In addition, there is an option customized layout
  • The chat lock.
  • The video is limited to 1Gb
  • The 300MB audio is allowed
  • Furthermore, you can update 7 mins status

Features of NSWhatsApp App

Compared to the original WhatsApp, the NS WhatsApp had many more functions. In addition, several options were unavailable in the original program that may be found in later versions. So, examine the advantages below this top-rated messaging software has to offer.

NSWhatsApp APK
Infographic: NS WhatsApp APK

Anti Ban

Anti Ban
Anti Ban

This apk is unlocked. WhatsApp’s protection authorities have imposed no limitations on this application. According to the authors, this application is the simplest to use on all kinds of mobile phones.

Frequently Updates

Frequently Updates
Frequently Updates

When such a variant of WhatsApp is linked with the internet, it always gets updated, thanks to the auto-update feature. No formal steps are required as a result of the NS WhatsApp improvements. Therefore, you’ll receive the most up-to-date and reliable features when the app updates itself.



With NS WhatsApp, you can change the design of the Apk by selecting from a range of themes. For instance, you can modify the symbol, contacts, and conversation background. In addition, you may change colors and personalize designs as required. Numerous templates are currently accessible in NS WhatsApp, and you can even install more to customize layouts.

Font Styles

Font Styles
Font Styles

You have several text choices integrated into your phone. However, NS WhatsApp has several font colors, styles, and size choices. So, select your favorite and make up your mind to carry the style.

Upload Video on Status

Upload Video on Status
Upload Video on Status

You can only put a thirty-second clip on your status on original WhatsApp. If your clip is more than thirty seconds, you should cut it into small parts & post them separately. However, videos up to ten minutes in length may be sent in their entirety to NS WhatsApp.

Auto Reply

Auto Reply
Auto Reply

You can schedule your texts in NS WhatsApp. Choose the period and timing for the text which you want to send. When the data has been input, you will alert the user at the selected time and place. However, whose who are using WhatsApp for business dealings find it easier for them.

Media Exchange

You may share sound clips up to 20 MB in the original WhatsApp app. However, one best aspects of NS WhatsApp is sharing sound clips up to 300 MBs. Using this excellent tool, you may transfer videos up to 1 GB in size.

Alternatives to Security

Alternatives to Security
Alternatives to Security

There are many security settings accessible in NSWhatsApp. You may use WhatsApp to conceal your status. For example, you’ve probably noticed the ‘writing’ that appears beneath the username with whom you’re conversing. Anyhow, in NS WhatsApp, you may quickly cover up this information but never tell someone about it.

Personalization of the User Interface

Personalization of the User Interface
Personalization of the User Interface

NS WhatsApp is an Apk file that can be completely customized. For example, it allows you to customize the chat color, layout, application logo, and alert banner. Furthermore, on NSWhatsApp, all of these services are available for no charge.

Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore
Backup and Restore

Your phone is vulnerable to theft and misplacement. Yes, there is a way to make a backup and restore your data. Even if your phone is stolen, you may still get your data back if you activate this feature. Google’s account, where you backed up your WhatsApp, has access to all your data, including photographs, video, connections and chats, and voice recordings. So, if you lose your phone, you can go into your Google account and preserve all your personal information there.



The Apk download contains many Emojis that are not available in the original WhatsApp. You may surprise your friends with new stickers, Emojis, and GIFs. Moreover, change the way you talk to them, and they’ll be awed.

Specify Conversations

Specify Conversations
Specify Conversations

You may lock specific chats in NS WhatsApp using a password, pin, or biometric. In this manner, anyone can freehand your cellphone to others while keeping your conversations anonymous and secure.

Permissions for NSWhatsApp

  • The ability to surf the web.
  • Your contact list is readily available.
  • Access to the Map.
  • Allow access to the phone’s memory, photo galleries, and microphone, among other things.
  • Additionally, allow the permissions to access external memory for the identification of the device.

How to Download and Install NS WhatsApp APK

It is very easy and simple to download and install NSWhatsapp 3D APK. Just, Follow the steps below to download it and install it on your android phone.

  • Firstly, click on the link given below to download the NSWhatsapp 3D APK
  • After Downloading it, Allow other sources install from your mobile settings and get it installed.
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
  • After the installation process is done, you can easily log in to it with your phone number.
log in to it with your phone number
log in to it with your phone number

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is it safe to use NSWhatsApp 3D APK?

Using NS WhatsApp 3D APK is only partly secure, as your information may be lost if authorized WhatsApp developers discover your connection. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the backup identity and a temporary mobile phone to create an account.

Is NSWhatsApp compatible with apple devices?

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to use the NS edition on an apple device. Anyhow, it is only compatible with Android customers; it will not work on iPhones or iPads. Other modified variants of WhatsApp that work on these smartphones are available.

How can I keep NSWhatsApp 3D APK updated?

Don’t worry about the update if you’ve installed the NS WhatsApp 3D APK, as it happens instantly. Moreover, we give you a more up-to-date edition of the current APK, which saves you from downloading glitchy malware variants.

What is the purpose of NSWhatsApp 3D APK?

NS WhatsApp 3D APK contains many improved features, such as a customizable UI, DND mode, suitable data security tools, anti-ban abilities, unique designs and graphics, and a range of new characters. However, these capabilities are so appealing that you should install them on your smartphones. I promise once you’ve installed it and seen the advantages, you’ll feel it necessary to uninstall the official version and keep NSwhatsapp on your phone.

Is it possible to use both Original WhatsApp and NSWhatsApp 3D on the same device?

If you’re curious while using the official WhatsApp and this customized version of WhatsApp on the same smartphone, the answer is yes. The user easily uses both versions on the same phone simultaneously. Moreover, you could use official WhatsApp with your primary account to secure your information and essential records and be less vulnerable to damage.
While you can use NS WhatsApp 3D APK with your temporary contact number with a supplementary account to converse only and not to share the information, reports, or records, as you would lose them if WhatsApp suspends your id.

Is it possible that I’ll be barred from using NSWhatsApp 3D?

The NS WhatsApp 3D is a modded version created by third-party developers. That should not be confused with an authorized WhatsApp app. Since they haven’t created it, you’re more likely to get blocklisted if you keep utilizing items repeatedly.
As a result, it is suggested that you utilize your transitory mobile phone number to register and use this app rather than relying on a single characteristic. Additionally, you can utilize distinctive features at different times, but you can’t use the same features simultaneously. Your main WhatsApp account, your business account, should be on your original WhatsApp, while your secondary WhatsApp account should be on this modified version.

Final Words

NSWhatsApp APK, in my opinion, is a basic mod that is outstanding when it comes to 3D-styled icons and UI changes. There’s also a design area in this app, so there’s no need to install other software for that. You can just have the NSWhatsApp 3D APK installed on your smartphone, and enjoy all its features.

Even if you haven’t installed it yet, I’m confident you’ll be thinking about doing so after reading this post. It includes amazing benefits, including privacy settings, modifications, fresh theme accessibility, generally pro and anti-ban systems, and a UI. So, what do you have to lose? To get this app for android, go to our website and download the app from the link.