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Android 4.1 and up


38 MB

If you are on the lookout for a suitable mod version for Instagram, GB Instagram should be on your list. Instagram is very popular when it comes to social media. Whether you’re sitting on the couch enjoying a cup of coffee or outside enjoying the weather, this app is a constant companion in every occasion for all ages.

NameGB Instagram
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Size38 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.1 and up
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However, availing GB Instagram APK now is easier than ever. In this article, we cover all aspects of downloading and enjoying this version of the much-acclaimed app. This APK version supports extraordinary features and comes with exciting tools such as downloading media files, previewing images, copying links for media files, themes, customization, and more.

GB Instagram APK

With these features, this app version is becoming very popular among users. Moreover, people around the globe use the app daily. With additional features like color customization and theme setting, this becomes a must-have app version. So you can download the GB Instagram from this page and have ultimate fun. We also recommend you to download TikTok MOD APK.

Download the App Now!

Before it was never so easy to share and view things on Instagram like now. The APK version of GB Instagram has over a million downloads and continues to reign over people. It is compatible with 4.3+ Android versions.

However, the apk brings a ton of features that every Instagram user dreams of. To enjoy these features, download the app right now from the link below on your Android and start experiencing Instagram as you have never before.

In addition, you can also download Instagram Pro APK from our website. It is also a good alternative gb instagram apk.

Features of Instagram GB APK

Every app brings features that add to the user experience. These features help highlight the advantages of the app and increase its use. So, here we will talk about how Instagram GB adds up to a better experience for the user.

GB Instagram Features
GB Instagram Features

Below is the list of some significant features

  • Customizing Your App’s Outlook
  • Downloading Media Files
  • Previewing Media Files
  • Remain Anonymous
  • External Player Support
  • Dual Instagram
  • Copy Option
  • Anti-Banned
  • Star Messages
  • Auto-translator
  • Zoom In, Zoom Out
  • Avoid Rooting Your Device

Customizing Your App’s Outlook

The official version of every app has boring interfaces which are the same for everybody. No themes, no option to customize the background. However, the great thing about the GB version of Instagram is it allows for customization. Additionally, this option allows for a series of colors that fill up your profile and make it colorful.


The header and footer colors can also be changed to induce an ombre effect to your feed. Some custom profile templates are available in the library version that you can apply to your profile. Now, you can also download instaup apk from our website for free.

Downloading Media Files

If you come across a great post and want to save it to your internal storage on the go, then this feature has got your back. The basic Instagram app does not allow you to save your favorite media files. It is where the APK version comes in handy.

Media Sharing Without any Limits
Media Sharing Without any Limits

This version makes it easy to save short clips, videos, reels, photos, etc., no need to employ third-party apps because this version has it all. Simply click on the three dots located in the upper corner. From here, select the download option, and there you go! Your multi-media file is now downloaded. We also recommend you to download youtube pink apk.

Previewing Media Files

The official Instagram app does not allow for preview images. Nevertheless, this version also allows for image preview, making it an excellent choice for users who love the app. In addition, GB Instagram allows you to download an image preview on full screen while retaining the original image quality.

Share more multi media
Share more multi media

However, to preview an image, click on the three dots on your screen and select preview. Hence, you can see the picture. Also, download youtube blue apk.

Remain Anonymous

A lot of times, you might have wished you didn’t come across a story of a friend. The good news is that the GB Instagram apk also helps you stay afloat while hiding your online status.

Yes, that’s right. With this version, you can view stories that hide your availability, all while using the app.


The hide yourself option is a great way to stay in the shadows and watch a friend upload a story. It means that you can watch a story but not show up in the story viewers list. How great is that? Indeed, it is one of the best features that this version has to offer.

Anyhow, to avail this feature, go to the profile icon in your account and proceed to the settings menu. Click on privacy, and select the hidden view stories option. We also recommend you to download Instagram Pro.

External Player Support

The official app does not make media players visible to users. It also does not permit playing a video with an external player. However, GB Instagram has got you covered here too. The app allows us to play any uploaded video with an external player.

Photos, Videos, Stories
Photos, Videos, Stories

So, to get your hands on this feature, click on the three dots again, and select the GB option. Now click preview and select your external player. It transfers the media file to an mp4 format. Now you can play the media file anywhere easily! In addition, now you can also download Instagram Plus.

Dual Instagram

Are you tired of handling two accounts on different Instagram apps? Keeping your business account and private account is a hassle. But, GB Instagram gives you the convenience of operating dual accounts on a single app. Also, we have instagram plus app on our website.

Multiple Account
Multiple Account

If you already operate the official app, you are aware that two accounts cannot be operated at the same time. But, this version presents the perfect solution to this dual problem. Additionally, you can enable this feature through the following steps: on the profile icon and open navigation. Go to account settings and sign in with your second account.

Copy Option

If you use the app regularly, you might be aware of this problem. The official app does not allow you to copy captions or bios. It turns into a big problem when you want to reproduce work or copy snippets of a caption.

Copy status
Copy status

Further, copying comments, captions, and bios is a hectic job. But, the Instagram APK version allows for this feature, making it convenient to transfer content to other apps. So, say goodbye to typing captions and start copying with this version.


Anti Ban App
Anti Ban App

Usually, mod versions of apps come with their fair share of risks. Their algorithms are detectable, and the user community may ban the profile by detecting and reporting the account. However, this problem is not present in the GB Instagram version. It is anti-banned and makes your account 100% safe which cannot be detected.

Star Messages

Star Messages
Star Messages

Are you tired of skimming through long chats and finding that one message that you need? With this apk version, this problem is also solved. Moreover, it is one of the advanced features of the GB version and is not present on the official app. You can also mark videos and images.


If you come across a caption written in another language, the transfer builder is there to help you. The auto-translate option helps you to convert a foreign language into your language. It also helps you to understand the text.

Installing translation apps can be a hassle. With the GB version of Instagram, you can translate text automatically on the go.

Inbuilt Translator
Inbuilt Translator

To turn on this feature, you have to go to your mobile settings and turn on the translator. After this, hover and press over the text you want to translate. A pop-up will come. Click on that and translate the text in your desired language.

Zoom In, Zoom Out

It is perhaps one of the most important features that should be included in any image-based app. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in the official app version. Zooming in comes in handy for viewing minor details and accessories on your friend’s profiles. However, with this GB app, you can view profile pictures, images, and videos at a magnified level.


Enabling this feature is a piece of cake. All you need to do is click on the picture for 2 seconds, and the picture will automatically zoom. After this, you can hover to the sides and view the entire picture. For zooming out, drop the picture to retain its original size.

Avoid Rooting Your Device

No Need To Root Your Device

Some apps require that you root your device to install the app. This happens to be a big problem. Luckily, this GB Instagram does not require the user to root the device for installation. The app works perfectly fine without rooting the device.

Is GB Instagram APK available on Google Play Store?

This version, like generic applications, is not available on the Play Store/App store. If you wish to get your hands on the features, you have to access this app through our website. It is free to download. The prime objective of developing this GB version is to deliver an optimal user experience.

Go to your browser and download the app version without any hassle. Another plus point of this version is that no updates are required. The updates are synced with the Google Play Store, which means whenever the Play store gets an update, our web-based app will automatically redeem itself.

How To Download GB Instagram Apk Latest Version:

Since Google owns Android, and every app downloaded on it is through Android, downloading third-party apps is a hassle. However, the GB version is not dangerous for your virtual device and can be installed without fearing anything.
Installing this is easy. All you need to do is:

  • If you want to download the latest version of gb instagram apk, you can get it from our website.
  • Now, go to the security settings of your mobile and enable the unknown sources option.
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
Allow other sources install from your mobile settings
  • After that, click on the download button and enjoy this app on your device.
App Installed
App Installed

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is using GB Instagram safe?

As mentioned above, this version is safe to use and comes with the perks of anti-banned. It means that your activity over this app mode cannot be tracked. Your pictures and data present remain safe with no breaching. Therefore, users can enjoy the features the app has to offer without any fear. People who use the app do not file any complaints against it. It works perfectly.

What is GB Instagram APK?

GB Instagram resembles the modified versions that third-party developers work on. It is not the official version. The app’s source code is tweaked to embed the added feature that users require. Even though this version is safe to use, there is a chance of the app version getting banned by the official developers. It is because both the app versions differ significantly from one another. The differences have been highlighted throughout this article.

What are some alternative options for GB Instagram?

Below are some of the alternatives of the Instagram GB, have a look on them:
Instagram Plus
Instagram Plus is the advanced mod version of the official Instagram. It has features that include downloading media, copying comments, and much more. The added features are not available in the official version of Instagram, making this an excellent choice for users.
OG Instagram
OG Instagram is the advanced version of Instagram. It has limited features that include downloading media, viewing images on full screen, etc. However, users do not usually go for this version since it is outdated now. The decrease in users is also because the version is no longer safe to use. It was safe to use five years ago.

Ending Note

GB Instagram is safe to use to sum everything up in a defined manner. The app version’s features are enough to convince a user to download the app and start using it. The version is not just an application, and it is a power-packed feature house. With so many features waiting to get used, you should download the app now and start to enjoy a seamless experience.