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April 27, 2024





Android 5.0 and up


43 MB

The Mini Militia Old Version is a fierce PVP combat game with viscerally magnified functionality and aesthetically adjusted visual artwork. The game is full of vanquishing tactics to fight the epic battling opponents in a classically magnified style and defeat them with greater excellence. There the players get fully enchanted with a blend of strategy, action, and adventures and get fully engaged in its multiple epic shooting, fighting, and AOE attacking mechanisms with powerful artifacts and mechanics. The Mini Militia Old Version Hack is a multiplayer gaming hub with a wide mod menu and multiple treasures.

NameMini Militia Old Version
VersionOld Version
Updated on3 Hours Ago
Size43 MB
RequirementsAndroid 5.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Weapons and Nitro
Rating(4.7/5) 351719 Votes

Additionally, it is a professionally uplifted action-packed gaming hub with greater technical excellence where simple gameplay and an easy interface are included. Also, there lies a chance of vanishing dark fantasy with greater proficiency through the anti-ban, auto-updated, and auto-upgraded facets of the game. Likewise, the all-fixed setup for lags, ads, and malware is greatly injected into it. So, download the old version of Mini Militia-Doodle Army 2 on your android by clicking the below-mentioned link on our website and get a dominant entertainment hub for free of cost along with the utmost safety.

Mini Militia Old Version Cover
Mini Militia Old Version Cover

About Mini Militia Old Version

Experience an epic action fantasy with Mini Militia Old Version and fully engage in factional PVE campaigns with this blended gaming hub. The game is associated with a visually-stunning realm that gets further heightened by multiple fascinating graphics, animated effects, and upgraded themes. It is not only the visual charm that is attracting the players but also the functional slots which are participating in this respect. The game is made more attractive with this functional advancement where multiple mechanics are participating. You can also download shadow fight 2 mod apk latest version with everything unlocked for free from NY APK.

Players can make their boring intervals full of fun with Mini Militia Old version hacks and play all the Mini Militia versions without any payment requirement. The fun of the game is maintained by the developers through easy running which remains the most desirable construct for the players, especially when getting in PVP deathmatches. An ultimate support system is induced in the game for its millions of players by Appsomaniac LLC that is further get perfected by the publisher with multiple cross-checking mechanisms of Miniclip.

About Mini Militia Old Version
About Mini Militia Old Version

Additionally, this multiplayer combat game has several other modifications and the most favorable one is the compatibility of the older version that distinguishes it from the other. The Mini Militia Old Version 2015 Apk is made highly compatible with users’ devices and it works on low-end devices. Whereas the latest versions due to updated strokes can only be played on high-end devices which somehow causes problems for the players. So, for enchanting fun, the Mini Militia Old Hack Version 2016 will be the best option to download on your android device. You may also like to download gta 5 apk for free.

All-in-all, there is no alternative to the old hack of Mini Militia for non-problematic working along with multinational base support. From the Mini Militia 1st version to all Mini Militia versions, a compressive professional slot is maintained by its developers that help the players stand firm in unlimited combative realms and rank high with multiple strategically modulated rewarding systems. Additionally, Mini Militia Old Version 2018 is also available for all arcade devotees.


If you dare to start the deadly action sequel realm with versatile weapons then there could be no better option than the Mini Militia Old Version to test and uplift your striking skills. There lies a very simple gameplay that is involved in this game with its dual playing modes namely offline and online modes. The players are allotted some thrilling missions where they have to kill the opponent with their fully-rendered fighters. The fighters can be selected from your friends list or these can be the random players from a wide global community. In both cases there lies greater fun that keeps the players fully engaged in gameplay same like gta san andreas apk.


Additionally, there is an easy launching process of the game that gets enabled with touchscreen mechanics without any extra space and time expenditure as happened in Xbox playing stations.  It is the most convenient way of getting access to an action, adventure, and amusement center. Also, the game offers unlimited treasures, modes, and features that play an important role in the gameplay and make it an ideal choice.



Great arcade simulated game to play on android devices. I love playing action genre games and largely prefer one with role-playing factors and strategic moves as it allows me to show off my intellectual strength and leadership abilities. For this, the Mini Militia Old Version-Doodle Army 2 proves to be a really impressive station with all the desired facets, technicalities, and functional advancements in it. The high-tech weapons, huge open world map with factional slots, and limitless modes are fun-fetching. Likewise, playing an RPG game with full control mechanics fascinates me and keeps me fully engaged in its addictive gameplay with its 2D battling arena. I really enjoyed playing Mini Militia Old Version but I want the mode turning slot to be fixed which is somehow problematic especially when we want a quick mode shift. This issue must be resolved as early as possible otherwise it is just an amazing playing hub.

Mini Militia Old Version Modes

Master your battling skills by getting into the multiple playing modes of the Mini Militia Old version. The Mini Militia Old Version-Doodle Army 2 is a well-knowing martial art, shooting, and battling simulation with highly rated modes. With basic two modes as offline and online, the game gets further classified into sub-categorical stats that are following.

  • Doodle Army Training Mode
  • Survival Mode
  • Deathmatch Mode
  • Solo Mode
  • Multiplayer Mode

Doodle Army Training Mode

Doodle Army Training Mode
Doodle Army Training Mode

If you are a beginner and want a training session to get know-how about the game then the training mode will suits you the best. There the players get a chance of mastering their shooting and fighting skills with a surge or a trainer who remains a guide throughout their journey. Here, you get information about weapons, their usage, battling tactics, and attacking strategies. Proficiency is also maintained in this slot with your trainers’ voice along with a subtitle so that the players may understand everything clearly.

Survival Mode

Survival Mode
Survival Mode

Another helpful mode of the Mini Militia Old Version-Doodle Army 2 is its survival mode where the players get a chance of mastering their arcade tactics by practically getting into a survival mechanism. In this mode, the player gets a chance of competing with a huge zombie wave by accompanying a custom fellow. This mode proves to be the best play when there is no player, no internet connection, and no player access. So, a definite praise to play at lonely intervals and to make them fascinated.

Deathmatch Mode

Deathmatch Mode
Deathmatch Mode

The most preferable playing mode of Mini Militia Old Version-Doodle Army 2 is its endless team deathmatch mode. This deathmatch mode is ranked highly and rated in the most in-demand category of the game due to its highly enchanted multiplayer playing station. It offers players to team up and gang up with their friends and family members and make them a part of your fighting saga. It is a really interesting assertion of the game that allows the players to challenge the opponents with their highly evaluated strategic strokes and be the master of the battlefield to get quick ranking and unlimited prizes.

Solo Mode

Solo Mode
Solo Mode

The solo play mode is counted in the basic playing mode of the game where the players get a chance of playing the game alone without gaging up with other players. This mode is triggered in both online and offline playing modes. In offline mode, the training, survival, and deathmatch all are accessible where the players play the game lonely and compete with other players whereas, in online mode, the players get a chance of competing in deathmatch. The solo here is for those who prefer to stand alone as the victor of the game instead of getting help or making a team with others.

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer Mode
Multiplayer Mode

There is no doubt that the multiplayer mode is the hottest mode of the mini militia old version hack that is captivating the players of the game. It is a major building block of the game when it comes to the enchantment slot as being connected with multiple people of the world along with friends without being concerned about the distance is really impressive. The multiplayer mode is the real champ in this respect and makes the game more evaluated. 

Features of Mini Militia Old Version-Doodle Army 2

The Mini Militia Old Version-Doodle Army 2 offers unlimited features to its players that really need to be mentioned for the quality working it offers. Let’s know about them in detail.

  • Visceral Visual Fortes
  • Amazing Sound Track
  • Defeat the Malicious Powers
  • Hunting and Surviving Tactics
  • Futuristic Weapons
  • Mini Militia God Mod
  • Multiple Maps
  • Unlimited Health and Money
  • Customizability
  • Jetpack Action and Functional Accuracy 

Visceral Visual Fortes

Visceral Visual Fortes
Visceral Visual Fortes

The importance of layout is indispensable for enhancing the appeal and charm of any game especially when it comes to the action genre simulation and the Mini Militia Old Version is leading in this factor. This feature is highly counted by Miniclip to mount the game in visual appeal and there are multiple virtually added effects, themes, and 2D cartoon animations that are attracting its players. Additionally, the realistically modified physics is adding ever-increasing fun by allocating a real-life feel to all the players of this multiplier simulation. So, a visceral visual forte is the part of the game to keep the attractive mode of the game on.

Amazing Sound Track

Amazing Sound Track
Amazing Sound Track

Along with visual effects, the sound effects are playing a key role in attracting and keeping the players on track and Mini Militia Old Version-Doodle Army 2 also leads in this feature with supreme excellence. There is a perfect soundtrack for the players that is correlated with multiple battlefield combative slots and allocate fun in the gameplay. Get the feel of being in picturized action sequel arena with professional sound effects. Additionally, players have the liberty to play the custom music tracks or their favorite music by playing it in the background or in their personal music gallery.

Defeat the Malicious Powers

Defeat the Malicious Powers
Defeat the Malicious Powers

Overcome all the evil powers invading the fantasy land of your favorite doodle characters and defeat them by utilizing several combative tactics. Utilize several armors of the game by maximizing your strength with various additional allocations and take an exact hit in the field. Master the land and grasp all the resources to become a powerful warrior.

Hunting and Surviving Tactics

Rise as a superior power in the warfare arena by utilizing various attacking and surviving tactics where hunting, jumping, martial arts, and all-dimensional flying stats are included. There is no use of weapons if you don’t know about their practical usage and the Mini Militia Old Version is the best platform to explore and master hunting skills and abilities. There the players are allowed to use a huge variety of weapons and get all unlocked for free. Additionally, the players can use some unique tactics as follows.

  • Collect 4 grenades with a gas blower
  • Pick multiple weapons simultaneously
  • Through magical spells
  • Use hidden locations to survive
  • Take a hit from the shadow

Futuristic Weapons

The Mini Militia Old Version is the most preferable game to access multiple high-tech weapons with all the futuristic slots. Using all these weapons with all-dimensional control in usage and assemblage is just amazing.  Additionally, players are allowed to make combos by combining two weapons to enhance their intensity. It helps the players in putting the opponents to an end in one shot with enhanced power, strength, and stroke manual. Likewise, there are other impressive slots that are associated with them to make them able to overcome the need of the battlefield.

Futuristic Weapons
Futuristic Weapons

Moreover, there are multiple accessories that are accessible for the players from the menu slot that is placed in the upper front of the game. Through this menu, you can pick multiple deadly weapons where the 7x zooming rifle, 6x zooming bomber, and other 5x to head-to-head shooting guns are available. The players access them freely without the need of leveling up but all with a quickly accessible menu. Also, there are guns with current casting abilities which prove to a great magic casters to run the opponents out of nitro and flying ability. It remains really helpful to tackle huge waves of zombies and opponents as it is enriched with a penetrating power that allows the players to take the target hit without taking care of the hindrances and shelters. 

Mini Militia God Mod


Nothing could be more fascinating for an action-sequel lover than playing an ultimate combative RPG game like mini militia with a premium god mod and that too without any extra expenditure and burden on their pockets. For this, download the Mini Militia God Mod apk on your android and enjoy the god mod without any pre-registration and payment requirements. The god mod is not only associated with some uplifted powers but also there are tricks to overcome a deadly monster along with getting immortality to stand firm in the field. It is unbeatable in casting spells and drawing trapping stats. Overall, the god mod helps the players to be a supreme authority with supernatural abilities and powers and is one of the most desirable features to be attained.

Multiple Maps

Multiple Maps
Multiple Maps

Explore open-world locales with various enchanting dark timberlands along with extended snowy mountains with Mini Militia Old Version-Doodle Army 2. The developers have maintained an aesthetic effect in the game with its multiple maps that are more than 20 where each is associated with particular qualities and characteristics and has a distinct playing appeal for the players. For example, the bottleneck has a distinctive dimensional strain than the pyramid locals and so on for the blind snow. Additionally, each map limits some strains as the snow blind doesn’t let the custom players rise high but short-down the flying ability that only gets boost-up with some quick nitro shots. Likewise, the overseer and so-long maps are specified for the gang-ups and the long team plays especially of 12 players as these are long maps. This is how every map is slotted and pacified.

Unlimited Health and Money

Unlike the assessed older versions of the action simulations, the Mini Militia Old Version is associated with strong treasury strains such as unlimited money, gems, and diamonds along with unlimited health. It is estimated that the older version of mini militia does not offer such professional resources collection which is not true as there is a huge collection of resources that the players avail without getting in mini contests and challenges. An unlocked strain is there along with a long-run stand on the battlefield in the form of unlimited health.

Unlimited Health and Money
Unlimited Health and Money

Unlimited health makes the players able to boost their strength and life on the battlefield which is the very core conduct to be the last one standing on the battlefield. It makes the hits bearable by allowing the players to have an extra energy bar that can be accessed anytime. So, with this running out of energy does not imply hiding and waiting for the long run to get it filled but killing as many opponents as you want even at a lower energy bar with a string backup support.


Another interesting feature of the Mini Militia Old Version is that it allows the players to show their creative skills in adoring their character, weapons, and games’ appearance along with their profile face up to greater excellence. If you are among those people who don’t want to go with a pre-established custom-built character and profile then this game will also suit you at the peak in this respect too. Now, with this game, there is no need to be restricted to the single thematic slots but with 1000 plus themes you can change the game’s outlook. Additionally, you can do the following things.

  • Change the profile face
  • Use unlimited skins to customize your character
  • Utilize various uniforms and outfits
  • Introduce shields in your character

Jetpack Action and Functional Accuracy

There is no single strain in the game that is left unchecked but all are well-adjusted in the game whether it is the fascinating jetpack action sequel or the highly professional functional stream. It is a really interesting feature of the game to attack the opponents by chasing them not only by running behind them but also by flying. For this, there are multiple nitro bars that are located at distinct locations in the game along with an inherent blue flying bar. It adds a fascinating slot to the game.

In addition to this, the game is prominent for the superior functional accuracy that supports the smooth running of the game and makes it playable. All things are in vain if the functional accuracy of the game is not maintained but this game is fully flourished in this respect too. There the players get a fully optimized functionality with a heightened proficiency that makes it free from all the problem-causing measures like lag, ads, and loading. So, the Mini Militia Old Version is full of functional gears that play a strong part in making its gameplay playable and also addictive.

Pros and Cons of Mini Militia Old Version

A wholehearted support for all the players of Mini Militia Old Version is provided in this article with comprehensive information on all the aspects of the game. Here complete mode info, playability, and functionality information are covered along with the pros and cons of the game. Let’s read about them too.


  • Visceral visual appeal
  • Addictive gameplay.
  • Unlimited playing modes.
  • It is fully safe and free from errors.
  • Powerful tactical involvement.
  • Huge gang-up ability
  • Making and assembling huge teams.
  • Offline multiplayer support.
  • Engaging game.


  • No definite mode turning option.
  • 15 minutes of restricted playtime.

How to Download Mini Militia Old Version

How to Download Mini Militia Old Version
How to Download Mini Militia Old Version

Download the Mini Militia Old Version without getting into any long procedure but enjoy hassle-free access with some simple click-to-start mechanics. Unlike the other games where the players have to fulfill some pre-registration requirements along with rooting their devices, there are no such things involved but a simple process to play the hottest 2D gaming simulation in the world. Let’s check out the steps and download the game by following them.

  • The first step is to allow unknown resources access.
  • Then open Google chrome.
  • Search for Mini Militia Old Version.
  • Multiple results will appear on your android screen.
  • Open the our official link: Mini Militia Old Version
  • Scroll down the website and find downloading button.
  • Click the downloading link and let the procedure complete.

A complete guide about downloading the Mini Militia Old Version is given in this article. These steps are involved in downloading process of the game where you need to be careful about the right third-party source as our website. To help you out with this, we have pinned an official link to our website too.

How to Install the Mini Militia Old Version

How to Install the Mini Militia Old Version
How to Install the Mini Militia Old Version

Along with the downloading process, there is a very simple-to-follow installation process for the Mini Militia Old Version. No special tactical involvement is there in the game to install it. To further help the players a complete guide about the installation of the game is also given in this article. So, let’s get started with them and install the game at enhanced ease and proficiency.

  • Check if the downloading process is complete
  • Open the setting and access the download folder
  • Find the zip file and open it by clicking the file.
  • Initiate the installation process.
  • Let it complete and access the game.

All the doubts of the player are made clear about downloading and installing the game so that there remains no chance of confusion. The user-friendly phase is also maintained in its downloading process and maintained in the gameplay too. So, an easy-to-follow process with a full guide is covered in this article to reduce any confusion.

How to Play the Mini Militia Cheat Old Version

How to Play the Mini Militia Cheat Old Version
How to Play the Mini Militia Cheat Old Version

There is no doubt that the Mini Militia Old Version is the most in-demand head-to-head battling game and a widely extended 2D combat stream for millions of players. We all need some refreshment slots to get out of the tough schedule of the daily busy routine and in this, the strategic RPG android games are really appreciated by the players. There is no doubt that the Mini Militia Old Version Mod Apk is proving to be a landmark in the action genre games with its multiple easy-to-access features and highly aesthetic playing modes. But here the players get confused about the playing streams of their favorite game.

For this, a detailed guide about playing the Mini Militia Cheat Old Version is given to help the players in making their gaming experience a heightened one. There are no very deep down and tough processes that are involved in the game but a few very simple-to-follow steps that are briefly mentioned in this article. Let’s get started with them.

  • Open the game on your android.
  • Double-click the screen.
  • You will get multiple playing options namely quick, multiplayer, and solo play.
  • Click the desired playing mode.
  • Initiate the match with Lan-Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, offline, or online playing options.
  • Host the game.
  • Connect players, select the map, decide the playtime, and click the start option.
  • Enjoy the game.

It is very simple to play the game with very simple steps but the only thing to be taken into account is that if you are initiating a game as a host of deathmatch, you need to take care of Wi-Fi availability. Additionally, all gets done with clicks without any problem so a very easy-to-start mechanism.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is the Mini Militia Old Version a free gaming hub?

Yes, the Mini Militia Old Version doesn’t involve the payment methods to get it started on your android but a free gaming hub. 

How can we download Mini Militia Old Version without rooting our device?

To download the Mini Militia Old Version without rooting your device, click the installation link mentioned on our website and get it all done in advance.

How many players can play the game at one time in Mini Militia Old Version?

The Mini Militia Old Version offers a multiplayer stream to gang up, built teams, and connect with the online community that can be extended up to 12 players.

How to fix ads in Mini Militia Old Version?

There is no need to fix the ads, lags, and errors in Mini Militia Old Version as by installing it from the given you get it all fixed without any hassle.

Is the Mini Militia Old Version safe to play?

Yes, the Mini Militia Old Version is a 100% safe and secure gaming hub to play on any of your playing devices.

Final Verdict

Summing up, the Mini Militia Old Version is a multi-faceted action-sequel game with a multiplayer PVP arena and a great strategic role-playing game with amazing artwork. The features are mesmerizing, the gameplay is amazingly addictive, and the quests are highly cherishing. The players get an auto-updated and highly professional gaming hub that makes them able to explore more instead of spending time managing the game. Moreover, the Mini Militia Mod Apk Old Version 2019 can significantly improve the shooting and fighting skills of the players, and that too without any expenditure. There is a ready-to-go playing mechanism that gets initiated on clicks with a very straightforward gameplay and friendly interface.

All-in-all, a detailed piece of information about the mini militia old version of 2017 is given in this article so that the players can make an obvious choice. Additionally, a complete guide about highly raised questions is also given in this article to support the player at every step. Also, you can also use the support menu for further help along with this a feedback system is appreciated to know about your problems. So, download the Mini Militia Old Version and enjoy a blend of action and adventures along with multiple playing clones, hacks, and modes that help the players in being the victor of the 2D battling realm. Also, you can check the Mini Militia Old Version Mod Apk.

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