How To Play Carrom Pool? (Step By Step Guide For You)

For multiplayer board game lovers, the Carrom pool unlimited coins and gems mod apk offers a real gaming hub with all the thrilling strategic striking slots involved. The game is very interesting to play and offers a demanded fun hub loaded with all the magnified gaming measures. The polished wooden board in a digitalized form is all that can magnify the player’s in-game fun possessing slot access. It includes a multiplied range of amusement in its gameplay that attracts the players.

How To Play Carrom Pool

If you want to know how to play Carrom Pool then you don’t need to roam and make extra efforts as our post will lead you toward the desired slot possession. So, explore it and know all that is needed to be known to play this amazing board game with a soothing fun range involvement.

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Slots Involved in Carrom Pool Play

There are 3 basic slots that are involved in the Carrom Pool play and are highly appreciable in terms of accessing the required enjoyment slot. To let all our players get familiarized with them, we have stated them in the below-mentioned section. So, let’s explore then and step into the Carrom Pool play.

  • Get and Open the Game
  • Set the Board
  • Determine the Strategy and Learn to Break Circle

Get and Open the Game

Get and Open the Game

The very first thing that is actually the key is to get the game. Although it is an understood slot the magnified Carrom Pool play succession totally depends on its possession from a secure source. So, download and install it and then open it with a single click on your Android smart screen.

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Set the Board

Set the Board

After opening the game, get into its interface and explore all the required stats of it. Setting the board is also a key essential that must be strategized on your personal preference with the demanded symbols involvement, board position adjustment, and its pieces understanding. It also involves boundary understanding along with strike measures count so that an effective hit can be entailed.

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Determine the Strategy and Learn to Break Circle

Determine the Strategy and Learn to Break Circle

Once you have set the board and got familiar with the striking rules along with your board set, the next step is to determine the strategy that you want to instigate in your play. This is something like an additional practice before play with all the rules and slots understood. After this, the circle-breaking slots that also need to be met so that an amazing play with incredible circle-breaking techniques can be initiated.

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Carrom Pool Variants

There are 2 basic Carrom Pool play variants that can add the desired fun range along with the decisive mode selection for the players so that they can enjoy gameplay in any of the desired variants. The following gameplay variants are there to help.

  • Freestyle Gameplay Variant
  • Professional Gameplay Variant

The Laws of Carrom Pool

There are some of the rules of the Carrom Pool that also need to be known so that amazing gameplay can be enjoyed with a detailed view of each and every slot involved. The following rules are counted in it.

  • Block Carrom man scores 10 points
  • While Carrom man scores 20 points
  • Queen score 50 points
  • Cover the queen
  • Win the game
  • Break circle

Carrom Pool Modes

Before starting the gameplay of the Carrom Pool, it is necessary to know about all its thrilling modes. It has 3 modes with distinctive visual appeal and gaming techniques. Let’s know about these 3 modes of the Carrom Pool and know about each and every fun-fetching factor.

  • Disc Pool Mode
  • Carrom Mode
  • Free Style Mode

How to Play Carrom Pool?

Along with the Carrom Pool gaming variants, gameplay slots, and the rules, we have also stated the method to initiate and complete the play. It is necessary to know about it to enjoy its gameplay without any extra trouble involved rather in a fully-paced way, an amplified fun can be accessed. So, let’s explore the steps involved in it.

  • First thing first, open the Carrom Pool game on your Android smartphone.
  • Get familiarized with the board, piece, rules, and variants.
  • Select any of the 3 modes of the Carrom Pool to get into it.
  • Start the game with the decided mode and variant.
  • Cover the queen and strike the circle pieces.
  • Hit to win the game and enjoy the exclusive reward.
How to Play Carrom Pool - Guide


To sum up, for the players looking for admirable Carrom Pool play measures along with a detailed guide on each and every aspect of this thrilling board game, this article will really help you out. Here, we have tried to cover everything related to the fun domain along with the additional slots like rules, modes, variants, and other related slots. These things will really do magic for you and help you to access what you need to get for the demanded in-game experience. So, read this post, follow, the steps, and enjoy its gameplay on your Android smartphone screen.

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