How To Get UCL Tokens in FIFA Mobile? (Full Information)

The UEFA Champion League is the highly prestigious swing of the present time that has taken the masses into the storm and is ready to magnify the FIFA Mobile with supreme fun slots. The FIFA Mobile mod apk unlimited money and gems is the highly recommended fun hub loaded with versatile aesthetic UCL events along with a higher chance of treasures, rewards, and ranked players. But how to get UCL tokens in the FIFA Mobile is the major question that is causing a mess among players. For this, our post will help you out with an impressive guide to get it all done. So, let’s explore it.

How To Get UCL Tokens in FIFA Mobile

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Why to get UCL Tokens?

There lies a magnified fun facilitating slot that causes the players to get the UCL tokens. Here, the most magnetic stat is the magnified club play competitions that are at present in swing and demand. The chance of partaking in high-rise quests, unlocking the players of higher rank, and winning the unlimited exclusive reward collection is what being the stronger motive for getting it. The player’s count of higher ability is the major push that it brings and the following legendary players and stats are counted in it.

  • 107 OVR Ramos
  • 108 OVR Alaba
  • 110 OVR Lampard
Why to get UCL Tokens

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UEFA Champion League 22-23 Events

The UEFA Champion League or most commonly the UCL are categorized into 2 major slots along with an exclusively divided range of the rating with each of the slots. Let’s explore these 2 slots that are as follows.

  • Milestone: Chance of redeeming 106 rating
  • Championship Rewards: To redeem the higher rate of 109

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Ways to get UCL Tokens in FIFA Mobile

Do you want to unlock all the luxury slots of the FIFA Mobile from the legendary players to the exclusive collection of rewards? If yes then you should get the knowledge of the ways of getting UCL tokens in FIFA Mobile. We have stated them below along with other related stats involved in it.

  • Unlock UCL by Finalizing the UCL Reward Paths
  • Daily and Weekly UCL Quests
  • Watching Ads
  • Mystery Boxes
  • Skill Games with Star Passes

Unlock UCL by Finalizing the UCL Reward Paths

Unlock UCL by Finalizing the UCL Reward Paths

This is the only preferable way to get the UCL token that initiates with the 1st UCL token after the 10th reward oath excelling. The obtained tokens are exchangeable with other related pacifiers like the 100 OVR players access. Once you have collected enough UCL points, you can get advance in claiming the UCL reward paths that demand 60 collected points for each.

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Daily and Weekly UCL Quests

Daily and Weekly UCL Quests

There are also daily and weekly quests to help you out in getting the UCL quests with much ease. There is a distinctive section for this that gets unlocked with a single click and will directly lead you toward the daily quest with a higher chance of earning UCL tokens.

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Watching Ads

Watching Ads

There are also ads to facilitate the players of the FIFA Mobile simulation towards accessing the UCL points. It is also something really appreciable with higher ease of allotting the best token section, points, and rewards.

Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes

To magnify the process of accessing the UCL Tokens for the players, the FIFA Mobile simulation developers have laid a special fun portion in the form of mystery boxes with UCL tokens and other reward collections in them. It is also helpful and should be known.

Skill Games with Star Passes

Skill Games with Star Passes

Last but not least; we have the skill games to play. These are also easily accessible from the main section and are enjoyed with magnified fun range involvement. Also, the fun of accessing the star passes and the UCL points with them are amazing.

Steps to Get into the Legends Clubs and UCL Reward Paths

There are few steps that are highly recommended to get into the UCL reward path and we have stated them below to offer a friendly beginner guide to the UCL access-requiring players. Let’s know about them.

  • Begin the process by opening the game and navigating the “Legends Club”
  • Click on the legends club and get into it.
  • Lots of games will appear that are in a sequence and are ready to play with.
  • Click on the desired game category you want to play along with the decided range of UCL tokens in it.
  • Win the game and get rewarded with that amount of UCL Token.

These are the 5 very simple, very easy, and effective steps that are involved in getting tokens with Legend Club play. So, access the desired game with the selected range of token access and have fun.

Steps to Get into the Legends Clubs and UCL Reward Paths

Final Words

Summing up, no other game can beat the FIFA Mobile simulation with UCL Tokens in terms of the fun, competitions, charm, and engagements hours. As the UCL Tokens are the mega currency bars with higher charm possession that makes every player of FIFA Mobile concerned about its play and causes them to question the ways to get UCL Tokens. Knowing the demand of our players we have stated everything in this post that will lead them towards accessing what they want to get.

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