How Much Hay Does a Horse Eat a Day? (Full Information)

Hay Day is really an appreciable android simulation themed on the farming slots and farmer life. There are adorable pets and animals along with dogs, cows, and horses. It is enriched with versatile soothing assets and fun-etching technicalities that are making a super excellence in the player’s life by offering them an amusing in-game experience with a full chance to relive their boredom. There are all the real-like living stats from harvesting crops and selling them to keeping animals and taking care of their food.

How Much Hay Does a Horse Eat a Day

Most of the pets and animals come with a suggested amount of food but players seem concerned about horse hay need and question about how much hay a horse eats a day. This is what keeps the players really in trouble but with this post it will not be an issue anymore. Also, the other related stats like the quality of the hay, type, and bales are described with the suggested amount for a horse per day. So, to explore all about it, read this post and know what is really needed to be known.

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How Much Hay Does a Horse Eat a Day?

How Much Hay Does a Horse Eat a Day

Talking about the amount of hay a horse eats a day in Hay Day varies as per the weight, age, and the size of the horse in that simulation. As the Hay Day MOD APK is a genuinely inspired android simulation, it is also enriched with all the real like stats of feeding and taking care of the animals including their medicine and shelter. It is all amusing to be the part of such a thrilling hub along with all the real like stats related to the Bay Horse hay need that are mentioned below.

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Factors to be Considered

There are versatile factors that are needed to be considered in terms of marking a super excellence in the player’s life specially to determine the need of hay for a horse a day. There are 5 main factors that are as follows.

  • Horse travel around the farms 
  • Weight of the horse
  • Quality of Hay
  • Dietary Needs of the horse 
  • Bales of hay

All of these are realistically inspired states that are also allotted to the hay day game to offer a magnified range of fun in terms of deciding the range of hay for the horse.

Factors to be Considered

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Hay Day Horse Tips

Hay Day Horse Tips
  • The hay day horses are obtained after completing 27 levels in sequence of this simulation.
  • The horse is fed carrots in the game with expected 2 bales of hay for 6 hours.
  • After 6 hours continuous travel a sleep is required for the hours for suggested time.
  • After sleep, the horses are offered to experience luxury items and rewards.
  • And to begin farm travel for the second time the 2 bales are required for the next slot. 

Depending on these stats, a travel span of a horse in the game is of 6 hours that is counted as a day and it requires 2 bales for 6 hours for 1 horse and 4 to 5 bales for 2 horses.

Final Thought

Summing up, we have stated a detailed set of info on the question of how much hay a horse needs a day with respect to the Hay Day simulation that is very well answered in this post along with the key factors that are also needed to be taken into account for an optimized functional slot possession. All that is needed to be known in this respect is clearly stated in this post so that the players get guided on every step. So, explore the post and get the desired piece of info.

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