How Do I Delete My AI On Snapchat? (Complete Guide)

Snapchat has introduced the My AI chatting features as per the ChatGTP popularity to enable its users get answers on the questions in their mind along with suggestions and plans. Just like the other apps, the Snapchat Plus MOD APK has come with an AI-friendly chatbot to offer its users an AI bot working anytime. Unlike the picture and reactions shared with real friends, the AI chatting goes in a reply and suggestion way that is also very effective. But it happens that most of the Snapchat Mod Apk users seem resistant to it and want to get rid of it.

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How Do I Delete My AI On Snapchat

In such a case they wonder for the soft solution to delete My AI on GB Snapchat that can be hassling and tiring if not taken in a suggested way. There are users who prioritize their real friends over the AI and it is also somehow a waste of the time to make use of it as an alternative to your real friends. Now the main issue that strike is related to getting rid of it and for this, we have an all-in-one slot for you in the form of all the related info. So, stay tuned and know all.

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Users with Snapchat AI Chatbot

Just like other apps, Snapchat is introducing new features and stats to meet the needs of the present market and to maintain its popularity and for this, it has also introduced its own AI chatbot. Primarily, it was for the Snapchat subscribers but has commonly spread now with its initiated experimental stat to get feedback from its users. 

This artificial intelligence empowered chatbox has gained a mixed response with a tilt towards the more negative response with various reasons from the users. There remain lots of concerns from the users with negative responses and the most common of them are the following.

  • Users with powerful security concerns don’t appreciate it.
  • Apps location data usage is also under criticism.
  • Users with real friends viability also seems resistance it to.

With these concerns along with lots of other stats, a stoop towards the eradication of this chat box is created by the user that has headed us to give a soft solution related to the users question about how to delete the My AI on Snapchat. For this, we have described a step by step guide for all our users to make them able to delete it. So, let’s begin the guide and successfully delete the MyAI on Snapchat.

Users with Snapchat AI Chatbot

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How to Delete My AI on Snapchat

If you are a Snapchat++ subscriber and want to get a successful eradication of the artificial intelligence chat bot on your android smartphone’ then you can unpin it without any hassle. The following steps are required to be taken into account in this respect.

  • First of all, click to open the Snapchat on your android.
  • Then tab the profile icon and go to the settings in it.
  • Scroll to find the Privacy Controls in it and from it find the clear data option.
  • Select this option and then click to clear the conversation. 
  • Then move to the option next to AI by tapping X in it and get the AI bot successfully deleted. 

These 5 simple and easy to follow steps are included it along with the best ways to get rid of the AI data and chatbot sequels with an ease. But the point here to keep in mind is that the users the Snapchat++ subscribers can avail it from the privacy control option in their profile setting.

How Do I Delete My AI On Snapchat App for Free

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Final Words

To sum up, if you don’t like the AI chatbot in your Snapchat and want to delete it then everything that you need to access is very well described in this article. Getting rid of the AI chat box that is recently added to the Snapchat is what the Snapchat users are looking for. There are users who prioritize real friends and find no interest in chatting with artificial intelligence bot. There remain various reasons that annoy users and most of them seem questioning about the locations data usage by AI chatbot on Snapchat. Also, various other stats are counted in it. So, to get rid of it along with chats and data removal, follow the above mentioned guide and get all done.

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