How To Get Punch in Stumble Guys? (Complete Guide)

Are you curious to know about the possible ways to punch in Stumble Guys? If yes then, we want you to pay attention to this article! We are going to provide you with the details regarding all the efforts you can make to punch the enemies and get the victory. You are surely going to learn about punching other players to get them off position. Let’s discover some more information about it in the details mentioned below!

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How To Get Punch in Stumble Guys

Why do gamers want to punch in Stumble Guys?

Punching in stumble guys is not more than a compulsory satisfaction every gamer craves for to let down the enemy. It adds an extra layer of competitiveness and excitement to the gameplay. Stumble Guys doesn’t mean to just interact with obstacles, you have to punch your opponents at the right time to defeat them.

Why do gamers want to punch in Stumble Guys

Moreover, punching allows the player to enjoy the game with challenges. It gives the game a more exciting aspect and gives up chances for smart moves and surprising results. When you punch someone and they stumble, it’s a rewarding experience. So, what are you waiting for? Take the chance to improve your punching game in Stumble Guys MOD APK and learn about some possible ways!

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Ways to Punch in Stumble Guys

  • Selection of Button: Other than moving and jumping for punching, the player has to tap the specific punch button on the screen. The punching will only be helpful to the player when the opponent is near him.
  • Rapid Punches: There are a variety of punches to be done, but one of the best among them is rapid punches. In these specific punches, the user has to tap quickly and continuously at the punch button whenever they interact with the opponent. This will increase the chances of creating a heavy impact on opponents’ health.
  • Counter Attacks: Watch out for your opponent when it’s the time when your opponent is in action. Try to dodge them and have a similar counterattack upon them with punches. This will create their attack to be missed and yours to be done.
  • Coordination with Teammates: Coordination’s play a vital role when you are on the battlefield, as they impact your opponents the most. Coordinate with your team members to gang up on your opponents and overwhelm them with great punches.
  • Utilization of Surrounding: Sometimes Surrounding also plays a crucial role, and in Stumble Guys, you can utilize your surroundings to your advantage by hitting your opponent off cliffs or into barriers. While doing this, you can also impact them with super punches, which will do perfect damage to them.
  • Special Abilities: Whenever you are rewarded with special abilities, you are in search of utilizing them at the best place. Here at Stumble Guys, the players are rewarded with power-ups or special abilities. This helps them to strengthen their punches and put their opponents down.
  • Different Timings: There are enough players who often use the punch button but do not get the best attacks. There is a reason that their timing is not correct, which lets the attack not get heavy. Here you can experiment with different timings of punches, which will let you know which timing is great.
  • Mindful Attacks: There are numerous attacks done by players on their opponents, but only some of them get covered. This is because the attackers are not mindful. While throwing punches, pay attention to your balance and posture to avoid stumbling over yourself. This can be the best strategy when you are in Stumble Guys.
Get Punch in Stumble Guys

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Final Verdict

This article compiles several tips and tricks that players can use to enjoy their chosen game, Stumble Guys. Every player wants fun from the game they are playing, but punching will provide extreme fun and enjoyment. A punch button has been given, and it’s one of the best controls for stumble guys. 

Here, you can punch against your opponents in multiple ways, such as by selecting the buttons, counterattacks, rapid punches, and coordinating with teammates. Moreover, more ways can help punch in Stumble Guys, like different timings, mindful attacks, and special abilities. Because of this, it appears to be a difficult way, but it isn’t because anything is possible.

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