How To Change Server in Free Fire? (Full Information)

Free Fire MOD APK is an addictively magnified shooting and battle Royale hub for all the action lovers that offer lots of advanced fun-fetching slots to its players along with versatile fun assets involved in it. It is an immersive fun station loaded with lots of thrillers and magnified charmer’s in it that can be further amplified with server alteration. It is really a nice factor that adds a lot to the player’s in-game journey and makes it free from lags and loading issues. To bring these perfections in the gameplay, the players often ask about how to change the serve in the Free Fire that is actually not an officially permitted slot.

How To Change Server in Free Fire

There is no way to change the server in the game that is given by the developers but an auto-connectivity slot is offered to them when they make an account in it. They get connected to the nearest server with no suggested way to turn from it. This is what makes the players anxious. But you can do so with the help of the given guide on our website that will help you to change the server in the Free Fire and get connected to the desired one. So, let’s explore the post and learn more about all related to this slot.

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Why to Play on Different Server in Free Fire?

There are lots of reasons that causes the players to shift to the best serve around them along with the better connectivity slot possession and cross-server play allocation. It happens that the players want to get connected to their friends across other countries and the main problem that disturbs their in-game journey is the internal server restriction. 

Why to Play on Different Server in Free Fire

Also, the fun of joining a new era with the new location support and country specified also motivate the players to change their server. Along with this, there are other fun-specified tats to magnify the range of fun for the players. So, there are lots of stronger motives behind doing so that can be fulfilled with the help of this guide and some are mentioned below.

  • It makes the gameplay free from lags
  • Reduce loading issue
  • Makes exclusive content accessible
  • Ensure high speed connection
  • Bypass geo-restrictions with perfection
  • Offers high-rise security protections
  • Boost in-game experience 

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How to Change Garena Free Fire Server?

It involves some highly soothing and fun-fetching slots to change the server in the Free Fire that we have stated in an elaborated way to help the players get it all done without any error or trouble. There are methods to change the server that are mentioned in this post along with the perfected details involved.

  • Changing Serve with VPN 
  • Changing Server without VPN

Free Fire Server Change with VPN

The most effective and result oriented way to change the server in the Free Fire is with the help of a VPN. There are some of the easy to follow steps that are counted in that are mentioned below. So, let’s explore all the steps involved in this method and successfully get the server changing task done.

  • First thing first, download a VPN of your choice on the device you are going to change Free Fire sever.
  • Click to open that downloaded VPN on your android and navigate the location option.
  • Tap on the desired server and switch to it with an uplifted ease.
  • Then open the Free Fire game on your device and get logged into it with a new or existing account.
  • You can also use the guest account that will be approached with the help of your social media account and will turn it all done for you.
  • Press enter option after making desired changes and you are ready to play your favorite simulation with the changed server.
Free Fire Server Change with VPN


There are nothing like long run management stats or the rooting issues rather than a fully sorted domain. But the only point to be noted here is to go with a reliable VPN live IPVanish.

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Changing Server without VPN

If you are looking for ways to change the server in Free Fire without downloading a VPN then we also have something really helpful for you. It will definitely lead you towards accessing what you want to. So, explore this post and know all that is needed to get it done.

  • Click to open the Free Fire app on your android device and explore the interface.
  • Navigate the “settings” and go to the menu.
  • Click on it and get into the “account” section.
  • Tab the location section and select the desired location server from the given options.
  • Confirm it by pressing OK and get it all done.

These are the 5 effective steps that are involved in changing servers in the Free Fire without the use of the VPN. It is all admirable and highly effective to do along with the range of fun. But to go more appropriately you can also choose the server changing methods with VPN.

Changing Server without VPN

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Free Fire Server List

The Free Fire is undoubtedly the high-rated android simulation with over millions of downloads all around the world. With respect to its players from the peak countries that can work great in terms of the Free Fire redeem codes. We have listed them in this post so that you can know about them. The following are counted in it.

  • Free Fire Pakistan Server
  • Free Fire India Server
  • Free Fire Thailand Server
  • Free Fire Brazil Server
  • Free Fire Taiwan Server
  • Free Fire Russia Server
  • Free Fire Europe Server
  • Free Fire Indonesia Server
  • Free Fire Malaysia Server
  • Free Fire Vietnam Server
  • Free Fire Russia Server
  • Free Fire Middle East Server
  • Free Fire Mexico Server

3 Common Server Changes Login Methods

There are 3 common VPN methods that you use while changing the server with the help of a VPN and we have stated them in this post to provide a well-organized helping domain to all the players of Free Fire. So, let’s also know about them.

  • Change server by new account login
  • Login with Guest account method to change server with VPN
  • Get help from the friends and change to the desired server

These are the 3 most common methods that the players use while changing the server with the help of VPN that requires a sign-up method. All of these are the effective methods that are stated in this post so that the players can access the one that they find most suitable for them. 

Final Words

To sum up, do you want to know how to change servers in the Free Fire for the expanded locatives and connectivity stats? If your answer is yes then we have the best ever guide for a comprehensive and fun-fetching step by step direction. This guide will definitely allocate you the higher range of fun with its exclusive and highly effective working slots along with all the related details. Also, the motive behind this server change desire of the players is very well stated along with all the possible stats that can lead you towards accessing all that is demanded. So, read this post and explore the points of your interest without any extra hassle and struggle but all by being in your personal domain.

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