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Download Guidelines (FAQs)

APK INSTALLER is a convenient Android game installation tool that bundles both .apk and .obb files within a single package. To set up your game, simply install this container in the same way you would with regular .apk files, and then proceed to install the game using our installer.

XAPK works much like APK INSTALLER, as it contains both the APK and OBB files together. To set up the .xapk file, you’ll need a third-party installer, such as XAPKS Installer, which is a user-friendly tool created by a friend of mine.

Please report it to us via social media like telegram, fb, twitter, or email, we will fix it in a moment. Managing the links of tens of thousands of games and applications is difficult, sometimes we get tired and do something wrong. Please sympathize.

Our team conducts comprehensive testing before sharing games and apps. Please make sure to carefully review the instructions provided in the post, especially those containing “MOD Info?” and “How to?” If you encounter any issues despite following the instructions, please report them to us.

This error occurs when you’ve installed either the original version or a modified version from another website on your device. To resolve this, please uninstall those versions and reinstall our version.

It’s very simple, you can update to the new version by overwriting the old one without needing to delete it. However, this is only feasible if you’re using the same mod version from NY APK.